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gears bike shop repair Business Card Design Example

The Round Wheel

Round business cards are in vogue for a variety of reasons and this one’s no different. Its round corners give the impression of a refined and premium vibe. I also love how the simple red typography complements the clean, slightly faded white background.
The circular arrangement of the company’s logo and its name accentuate the shape and the geometry of the card.
Also, this round business card can be casually slipped into mail or used as a mini advertisement― its shape enhances its versatility.
If your business is thinking of setting up a direct-mail campaign, use this design as an inspiration. It’s effective, neat and low-key creative ― nothing too flashy or overwhelming.
I also commend the designer’s choice of color pallet. He hasn’t carelessly spilled a haphazard selection of colors onto the card. He’s kept it neat and simple so that the card doesn’t get on the nerves of the reader or confuse him.
The card’s size is also perfect. It’s not too small that the text seems illegible or too big that it seems out-of-proportion.
The card has been designed with a careful elegance, which shows in its each and every aspect. Everything in this card serves to give center-stage to the company’s name and information.
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