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gc lifewear clothing Business Card Design Example

GC Lifewear is a clothing brand with a message and a purpose.
It all started when Steven, the brains and heart of the company, had this epiphany or divine calling to create clothes that represented the peaceful message of God. It compelled him to create Genesis ― a clothing brand that helped him achieve his childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer and a messenger.
Steven adventures the world with his wife, gathering ideas and preserving and condensing them into T-shirts, hoodies and the likes and donating a chunk of his revenues to Charities to further the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The black backdrop, reminiscent of the black cover of the holy bible is an obvious choice. It’s relevant to GC Lifewear’s mission statement and gracefully complements its gold-UV spotted-logo.
The edges of the business card are rounded which increase its durability and give it a rather modernistic look and feel. I also love how the card’s black grace. It doesn’t look it’s representing an antique shop but a business that accommodates and accepts old and new customs.
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