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galactic black art illustrator Business Card Design Example

Cards that make a mark and leave a lasting impression on their audience have one distinct quality ― they’re imaginative. They look and feel different and dare to stand apart from the rest. This business card design for Galactic Black art and illustration falls in this elite category. The illustration in the front draws the viewer in because of its abstract simplicity. I love how it blends the peripheries of space and the mountainous range with subtle geometrical lines. For an arts and illustration company, this kind of unique and visually arresting imagery is a must. It sends the message that the business in question is not dull or imaginatively lacking; it has the creative minds at its disposal capable of conjuring magic. The color selection is also quite commendable. The emboldened and legible black typeface complements the light purple backdrop tremendously well. Simplicity and ingenuity are the two cornerstones of this card. I love how straightforward and to the point, this card is and still manages to pack a punch with its creative uniqueness. I also love the placement and the size of the central logo; it has this indispensable central prominence.
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