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fuck yeah hair sal Business Card Design Example

Kayleigh Irene, the new and emerging name of the salon industry, identifies herself as an oddball. She focused on artistic knowledge acquired through experience and deep thought instead of a structured and mechanized upbringing, which is a part and parcel of traditional schools.
According to Kayleigh, she was an avid observer of the universe. She noticed everything around her and assigned it meaning and purpose. This love for aesthetic detail shows in her work. She doesn’t consider hairstyling, just a source of livelihood, but also a means of creative joy and fulfillment.
I admire her because she’s one of the few people in the salon industry that really love what they do.
The above card does justice to her creative vigor and sends a forth an authentic image of her to her valued customers. The UV spot provides a glittering reflection to the text and puts forth a creative, fun and premium representation of Kayleigh’s brand.
The size of the salon’s name in the center is oversized, visible and prominent. I love how it takes the center-stage and attracts the reader to itself. The dark purple backdrop with the golden typography also looks quite magnificent.
There’s a lot to love in this card and I would definitely recommend it to someone who wants to instantly woo his customers.
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