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Foil Business Cards: What They Are, Why and Where You Should Use Them (Immediately!)

Don't let your business card fall to the bottom of someone's purse with all the others! Make yours stand out! Here's why you should get foil business cards.
We know what you're thinking; real-life business cards in this age of modern technology? Don't scroll past because the answer is, yes, we're serious: business cards will grow your business by at least 2.5%. Have we got your attention? Good. Business cards are still effective tools for getting your information out there, and we want to give you a headstart with the best cards out there. What are we talking about, exactly? Foil business cards! In this age of mobile technology, if you want your card to stand out, foil business cards are the answer. Skeptical? Keep reading to find out what they are, and why you need 'em.

Are Business Cards Still a Thing?

The first question you might ask is, are business cards still a thing now that we can AirDrop our contact info at the drop of a hat? Well, we're glad you asked! As we mentioned earlier, these little rectangles can help you increase your business by 2.5% for every 2,000 cards you distribute. What does this mean in real-money terms? As an example, if you're making $100,000, distributing 2,000 paper-and-ink business cards will bag you an extra $2,500 in your wallet. Distribute 4,000 and that's five grand.

On the Flip Side

At the same time, did you know that 88% of the business cards handed out get thrown in the trash in a week? Don't get down about the cards people throw out. Remember, these babies will make you big bucks. The real question is, how can you make sure you're part of the 12% that stay in a customer's hands? We're going to say it again: foil business cards are where it's at.

What's the Deal With Foil Business Cards?

Foil business cards are like regular business cards, but with an awesome twist. They incorporate gold or silver foil elements in the design. You can use the foil in the text, images, or both, and at surface level, embossed or debossed. You can print the foil element onto almost any paper, though some work better than others. In our opinion, it's always better to go with a quality paper that'll match the quality of your gold-plated business image.

Why You Should Choose a Foil Business Card

If you want your business cards to make it into that 12% of customers' pockets, you need a card that'll wow them. After all, business cards are the most effective one-to-one marketing tool. Because you never know where you're going to meet your next potential customer, why limit yourself to working hours? Hey, with business cards, you can grab new customers while you're on vacation! A colored business card hangs around 10 times longer than a plain one. So, to be sure to make the elusive 12%, you need to up your game and upgrade your customer experience. Give your clients superior, foil embossed business cards that'll shout affluence, opulence, and quality. Your business card is a reflection of your business, so think what that'll say about you.

Where You Should Use Them

Where should you use your foil stamp business cards? Is it a trick question if the answer is, everywhere?! Once they're printed, make sure you have a stack of business cards with you at all times. Trade shows, events, and meetings are all prime locations for handing out your calling cards. Like we said, though, don't limit yourself to work-related functions. If you strike up a conversation in a taxi, at a shopping mall, in a train station, or even with your next-door neighbor, a business card will come in handy. Your card will give them the info they need to find out more or make a purchase.

Business Card Information

With that in mind, what kind of information should you include in your business card? When designing your company cards, in our opinion CSC is the key. Keep them clean, simple and clear. Business cards should include your logo, your brand name, your personal name and job title, and your contact information. Put your phone number on there, your email address and a physical address if you have one. Don't clutter your card with too many nice-to-haves, because they'll crowd out what the viewer needs to see. A busy, crowded card is a huge turn-off to potential customers and will put you in the 88% bracket.

The Benefits of Foil Business Cards

Now you know why business cards are still a pretty huge deal in the business world, and what foil business cards are. But are they for you, and why should you start using them immediately? Now we're going to fill you in on why these little cards are such nuggets of trading gold. Do you want to make the 12%? Keep reading to find out why foil business cards will help you do that.

They Make Your Logo Stand Out

If you opt for foil to be incorporated into your logo, then it's going to sparkle and shine. Without a doubt, the first thing a potential customer will notice is the shiny gold, silver, copper or iridescent foil, so put it in your logo and it'll make a memory.

They Make the Details Shine

Another way you can go with foil is to use it sparingly, in the detail of your card. After all, they say the devil's in the detail, so why not make your details pass the customer satisfaction test by making it stand out?

Less Is More

The great thing about using foil is that even though it's a little pricier than your regular black and white card, you won't use a lot. Well, you shouldn't, anyway. In this case, less is definitely more. You want to draw eyes to this little bit of luxury on a rectangle of paper, so don't let it tempt you to splash foil all over your card. Instead, be selective, and use only a little foil to make a big statement.

The Color You Choose Speaks Volumes

Is your business gold quality? Does it shine like silver? Is it strong and valuable like copper? Or perhaps it's modern and vibrant, like iridescent foil. Whatever color you choose for your business, you can announce your intent with that detail alone. With that in mind, think about your business aims and target market. There's no right or wrong answer here. It depends on what you want your business to say and mean.

They're Elegant

Without a doubt, foil embossed business cards possess an elegance like no other. They're chic, sophisticated and classy in one. To add to the elegance of your business card, though, choose a paper and print that'll enhance it. For example, a copper foil on a wood-textured business card raises the profile of a card, opposed to using these elements separately.

Easily Appeal to Your Target Market

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but a business card puts words and pictures together to build a vision. Once you have your target customer in mind, you can tailor your business card to appeal to them in an instant. For example, if your target customer is a sophisticated female, a rose gold foil on marble will make it clear who you're trying to appeal to. And if you get the design balance right, you'll be sure to hit the bullseye.

They Make You More Memorable

One of the reasons so many business cards get thrown away is because they make a lousy first impression. If there's nothing to catch their eye or make you stand out, then into the trash your card will go. Now, picture this scenario. A lady stops and thinks about the conversation she had with you.  'Now where is that business card?', she says. 'You know, the one with the gold feather printed on it?' Something bold like foil will stick in a customer's mind, and will help form a link in their memory between you, and what you handed them. By making your card reflect your business in an intuitive way, you'll forge that link in steel.

Foil Business Cards Put You in the 12%

Do you want your business card to make it into the 12% that won't get thrown away, and that'll make you that elusive 2.5%+ profit? While the difference between plain and foil is simple, it makes a huge difference to how customers value you. Keep it simple, choose a good design, and make sure your choice of foil appeals to your specific target market. Your business card makes a first impression, so make the best one with a foil business card that delivers your vision in paper and ink. Are you ready to order some awesome foil business cards that are going to gain you more customers and earn you some moolah? Then check out our shop and pick the perfect business card for you.
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