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Family, Work, Life: Why You Should Come First

Life is full of challenge and reward. This is the evolving meaning of the phrase “having it all” most particularly for women. People feel contended when they are aware of how they balance as well as incorporate the four aspects of life: work, community, family, and self. 

Self is the most important aspect but often neglected or taken for granted. Each time you ride an airplane, you are reminded of the order to wear an oxygen mask prior to helping others in case of an urgent situation. The reason behind this is that, if you can’t breathe, you can’t help others. 

Women are likely to concentrate on taking care of kids, spouses, colleagues, and friends while ignoring themselves. But, if you’re not at your best, you aren’t able to show up for anybody else. 

Below are things you are able to do to begin making your “self” as vital as other aspects of your life. 

  • Focus on Your Wellbeing: A lot of researches show that those who prioritize their wellbeing have more energy as well as better focus. Even if you try to do it all, you cannot. You need proper sleep, nutrition, as well as exercise and the time to get well after long stretches of job. 
  • Manage Energy: Work and life balance entail that one aspect eats up energy while the other reinstates. We are better served by knowing how to balance our types of energy spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. 
  • Physical energy describes how you feel in your body. If you are working full time and feel the urge to get up and walk around, that is your body replying to a need for an improvement in physical energy. Make sure to have time to rest to reset your energy for next use. 
  • Mental energy is used to analyze, focus, as well as think. All of us have mental tasks which energize or drain us. Being watchful of what this helps us handle mental energy. 
  • People derive emotional energy from others. Positive interaction can improve emotional energy, while the negative one can drain you. 
  • Lastly, you get spiritual energy from performing things which are significant to you. When you have a fulfilling job, you may feel mentally and physically drained, but your store of spiritual energy is bursting. 

If you’re mindful of the factors of your life which deplete or fill your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional energy, you can find balance easily. 

Mindfulness or awareness is not just a present-day buzzword- it shows the act of being really in the moment, without distraction, a judgment as well as mental noise. It also presents with the person or task in front of you. Miserably, one greatest tool for productivity is the greatest hindrance to mindfulness: your smartphone. 

According to the research, the mere presence of a smartphone between two people has an impact on the quality as well as the content of their discussion. An interaction, which can fulfill your emotional or spiritual energy, can end up reducing it.

Perhaps you are aware of the term self-care. It is not just about pampering yourself with a weekly massage. If you take good care of yourself, you make yourself as vital as the people and the jobs in your life. Thus, you can be a better person, parent, leader, and partner. 

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