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Everything You Need to Know About Eco-Friendly Paper

We live out our days under the sun without paying much thought to where half of our resources come from. We do not stop to think for one second what other uses the paper in our notebooks have, and neither do we sit and wonder if the paper that we are using is eco-friendly. 


The recklessness and irresponsible habits of human beings have pushed our planet almost to a state of oblivion. All it needs is a little push till we disappear from the face of this Universe. Scientists and climate experts have said that all we have are only twelve more years to reverse the damages inflicted upon our home planet. If we are not careful even now, it will not take much time before there is no planet to belong to.

This allows us to segue into the topic that we have brought today for discussion. There has been an insane demand for environmentally friendly printed products since the last decade. This is because few sane people have carefully observed that our planet is gyrating towards its doom and our non-renewable resources are being recklessly used and misused. 

Therefore, there is an urgent appeal to save our resources and use eco-friendly products. Speaking of which, the article that we have today shall shed some light on eco-friendly paper and enlighten the masses on everything that they need to know about the use of such papers. Therefore, without wasting any further minute, let us move towards the next section of the article where we discuss at length eco-friendly paper. 


What is Eco-Friendly Paper?

As the name suggests and simply put, eco-friendly paper is paper that is environment friendly. Eco-friendly paper has a lower carbon footprint and is a greener version of normal paper. It does not harm the environment as much as traditional paper. 

There are two types of eco-friendly paper. The first one is recycled paper and the second one is FSC Certified paper. Most environment-friendly printers like A1 Printing and several other industries have already started introducing this sort of paper in their day’s business. It shall be a great move on your part if you too, introduce this paper in your homes and offices. 

Benefits of Recycled Paper:

We have spoken a bit about what eco-friendly paper is in the previous section. We shall now have a look at the benefits of recycled paper. Recycled paper has a number of benefits that in the long-term saves the environment. It is made out of post-consumer waste and not wood pulp obtained from freshly cut trees. 

This is why using recycled paper prevents felling of trees and thus, saves the environment. Any type of paper products, like packaging material and paper in notebooks, can be recycled and made use of in the form of recycled paper. Therefore, one need not mention that recycling paper can help prevent deforestation and thus, help strike a balance in the ecosystem.

However, recycled paper has more uses than just saving trees. It has been studied and observed that recycled paper reduces the emission of greenhouse gases by one ton. Plus, it is also known to save 7,000 gallons of water. Therefore, by using recycled paper, you shall be doing your part for the environment.


Benefits of FSC Certified Paper:

Now that we have gauged the benefits of recycled paper, let us look at the benefits that FSC certified paper has. FSC or the Forest Stewardship Council is a group of environmental activists and experts, businessmen and community leaders. They aim at preserving the world’s forests by overseeing the production of timber. Therefore, you know that if any paper is certified by the FSC, it must be environment friendly. The FSC not only oversees the production of timber but also considers that the people involved in the production are treated fairly. 

Some businesses and people who need to use paper every day can be apprehensive about using recycled paper. This is because the texture of recycled paper is different than traditional paper. However, FSC certified paper cannot be differentiated from traditional paper. They, therefore, have a much wider appeal and is used across several multinational companies worldwide.


Wrapping Up:

Human beings have treated this planet harshly and without any modicum of responsibility. And that is the reason why we are suffering from severe climate issues and depleting resources. It is important to take stock of our situation and restrain ourselves from wreaking havoc on the resources of our home planet. Using recycled paper or FSC certified paper is definitely one of the best changes that we can make to our lives, and therefore, we might as well do so as soon as possible.

Author Bio

Emily, editor of the blog Home Base mom (homebasemom.com)

I have been working closely with the paper manufacturing industry for several years now, and that is why I can say that switching to recycled paper is one of the best things to do. It not only makes us conscious about our environment but also helps in striking a balance in this ecosystem. With the same thought in mind, I strive to write articles to raise awareness about recycled and FSC certified paper when I am not deluged by a pile of papers and nebulous figures on my work desk.  

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