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equipe mc douga Business Card Design Example

Equipe Mcdougall is a real estate firm spearheaded by the visionary leadership of Mathew McDougall. He is a self-made man who launched his career as an entrepreneur at the age of just 17 years.
His longstanding experience in the real estate industry equipped him with a vast knowledge of residential properties and commerce and made him a widely-sought out and trusted real estate broker in his locality.
According to his clients, Mathew is a friendly character that wears a neat smile on his face similar to his impressionable suit and tie. He is professional and believes that customer convenience and trust take precedence over everything else.
For a real estate firm, with such a trusted figure at its epicenter, this business card is an apt representation. The bold black and red colors are professional and put forth a message of trust and confidence. I love how simple the typeface is; it’s not cartoonish or in any way indicates recklessness on the business’s part.
And the shape of the card is a no-brainer. Rectangular business cards are standard for real estate firms because they have been used for centuries and give off a vibe of respectability, experience and trust.
In a real-estate broker, customers are looking for one thing above all else – trust. Every detail of this card, from the crystal clear imagery to the premium finish, exudes trust exuberantly.
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