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dylans barber shop Business Card Design Example

Justin Marimon’s work contains at least one unique element. He believes that a business card should not be a forgettable affair. It should speak volumes without saying a lot and have an unhinged uniqueness about it.
This is why he always makes sure that he doesn’t make mundane rectangular or square business cards. His business cards are either die-cut, have painted edges or glitter with UV spot.
Look at the illustration on this business card. It’s so unique and unprecedented. You don’t know what to make of it but at the same time, it makes you look twice and wonder. Its abstractness compels you to turn over the card and stumble upon “Dylan’s barbershop” in prominent and grandiose white.
The rest of the card is according to the book. But that one aspect ― the illustration ― is the deciding difference, the creative magic that ensures it stands out.
The takeaway from this business card is originality. It shows you that you don’t have to overdo or overcomplicate a card to make it unique. You just have to creatively tinker with one little detail. It can be anything in the copy, the images, the geometry, or even the font.
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