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drew keller williams realtor Business Card Design Example

Max Pirsky says that a designer should assign purpose to every design element.
A designer must ask himself, why did he choose this image? Why did he choose these colors and why not those? Why did he include contact details at the front and not at the back?
Answering these questions will determine the impact of his business card.
The designer knows that he’s designing this business card for a realtor. And one thing that customers ask for in a realtor is trust and experience. They don’t like realtors that conceal facts and serve them with flowery cockamamie to confuse them.
That is why he’s included the contact details, the phone number, address etc. etc. on the front so that potential customers can get in touch with Drew Jackson and get to know the man in flesh and build trust.
Nothing in this card is without purpose. The white typography is the brand’s signature typography. It serves to increase brand loyalty and familiarity. The red borders running on the edges produces a stunning contrast with the jet-black background.
I also love how prominent and visible the call-to-action is in this business card. The website address, the phone number, and other contact details are highlighted in red boxes, which increase their exposure.
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