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dj kuki musician Business Card Design Example

Eli Horn, a creative designer with a longstanding holding, stresses upon working with the printing materials and techniques you have at your disposal.
“Work with what you have rather than what you’re unfamiliar with.” She says.
Business cards have digital blueprints, but at the end of the day, they are tangible representations of your brand that people feel in their hands. So, make sure you use a high-quality stock of paper and invest in a great printer.
The rest of the stuff: the fonts, the copy, the colors, keep them low-key.
The above card is as simple as it gets. The name of the professional – DJ Kuki ― occupies center space in a large, prominent and legible text. The different hues of orange and red make the backdrop and are apt for representing someone in the DJ industry.
A solid call to action is present on the back if a potential customer wants to acquire DJ Kuki’s services ― and that’s it. There’s nothing too overboard or fancy. The designer has simply followed the cardinal rules of creative design.
I have held this business card in my hands and the palpable thickness left me with a sense of decadence. I didn’t feel like I was holding a flimsy piece of paper, but a premium and high-density business card.
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