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DIY Business Card Holders You Can Easily Make Today

Unique, handmade business card holders are a great resource to generate leads and showcase your brand’s distinct image. They are also perfect for keeping your business cards at the beck and call of your promotional shipments.

If you’re looking for inspiring concepts for your business card holders that have now and again hit the advertising bulls-eye, the list below is exactly what you’re looking for.  

Wooden Card Display

DIY business card holders crafted out of wood are an eco-sustainable solution for your business cards. They have immense aesthetic value and go well with just about any décor, providing a natural and rustic vibe in the process.

To make them, follow these steps.

  1. Get a circular piece of wood.
  2. Create a cut horizontally along the center of your piece to create a solid base for lodging in your business card.
  3. Now cut it into an L-shape to further expand its open space and give it a unique look.
  4. This will keep your business cards suspended from a ledge while supporting each other.
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Velvet Leather Pouch

To make plush and velvety leather pouches, follow these instructions.

  1. Place your business cards horizontally on a piece of leather.
  2. Make sure it has at least an inch of space on either side.
  3. Cut a strip which is 3x the height of your business card.
  4. Fold this strip three times so there are three business card-sized layers.
  5. Cut one of these layers into a round flap.
  6. This will complement the pouch part of the cardholder that will facilitate entry and exit for your business cards.
  7. The remaining two layers will work as the main pouch for seating the business cards.
  8. The bottom part will function as a fold the sides will come together.
  9. Lock each side shut with rhinestones and a leather hole punch.
  10. Now for securing the main pouch, you can use any artsy material like a tassel or a colorful button. 
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Stitched Card Containers

If your sewing skills are top-notch, I’d suggest a project that’s not only guaranteed sturdy holders but also embroidered with beautiful designs.

For starters, run to your nearest store, and gather these materials.

  1. 1x cotton fabric, which will work as your main fabric (5.5’’ x 4.5’’).
  2. 1x cotton fabric for lining (5.5’’ x 4.5’’).
  3. 2x extra pieces of cotton fabric (2.5 x 4.5 inches)
  4. 1x button.
  5. 1x batting piece.
  6. 1x hairband

Mark half an inch along the 2.5-inch piece of fabric. Press and fold the marked seam and fold it to almost 1/4th of its current size. Do the same on the other side.

Now, secure the helms by stitching on both sides. Unfurl the batting and place the lining piece on top. Now, palace the two pieces that you just stitched on top of the lining. Pin the three layers together. Highlight the center of your stitched piece for later use.

Hand stitch an elastic band onto its center, using the reference line you just highlighted. With its right sides in place, stitched together, it’s time to pin the main fabric to the main layer. After this, stitch 0.5 inches on each side, while leaving a gap of 2 inches.

Trim a quarter from each side of the layered fabric, scissor its corners, and after slowly turning it over, iron it. Then, sew the opening, fold half of the fabric and find the best site for stitching the button. Once you have, secure a button of your choice here, and voila, you’re done! Easy peasy.

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The Gold Old Cassette Roll

Old school is outmoded and obsolete, but it’s never out of fashion. You can always unearth the antiques that the digital revolution has swept away, and make use of them. Repurpose them to stir nostalgic memories, while giving them a whole new look.

Cassette players are one such antique that can serve this purpose. You can turn them into retro business card holders with these easy steps.

  1. With a screwdriver break into an old cassette.
  2. Empty its reel and replace it with your cards. That’s it.

This unique holder will also provide you with a stain and fingerprint-free storage for your business cards.

 In many situations, a business card holder holds equal significance in maintaining the sanctity and etiquette of your business’s unique image as business cards.

These beautiful business cards can be the foundation of your next projects, their stepping stones, so make use of them and give your business cards the storage they deserve.

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