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cutting edge landscaping Business Card Design Example

Business cards with an unusual and unconventional shape can have a long-lasting, even dramatic effect on people’s minds (Mohammad Mannaf).
Such shapes have to be, however, an echo of your brand identity.
The above card represents a business engaging in landscaping. Landscaping and leaves sort of go hand in hand, don’t they? So it is only fair to shape your landscaping business’ card in the shape of a leap.
The typography - both in font style and color - on this card boasts of sophistication, simplicity, and brilliant design, for it nether underdoes nor overdoes the feel the shape of the card is giving.
What I like best about this card are the visuals. Notice how the green of the card houses a water drop or two here and there. It looks very realistic, even mentally refreshing.
The visual closeness this business card has with nature and its brand identity could not be more perfect than this.
It uses the exact shade of green present in leaves, too. In fact, prospective clients hold on to a fully-colored card 10 times longer than a white card.
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