Custom Macbook Decals for Business Branding

Custom Macbook Decals for Business Branding

Decals, also called transfer prints, were invented by Simon Ravenet, a French printer, who lived in England. Decals became popular in England in the 1850s and they are even more popular today. As a Macbook user, you can choose to personalize your computer with a custom decal. This helps you to express your creativity but it can also provide an invaluable way to promote your business. It can’t hurt to follow in the footsteps of Apple as it always includes a logo decal when selling its products.



What is a custom decal? 

Decals have evolved a great deal since the early days due to modern digital printing techniques. Through the years it became easier and more affordable to produce high-quality decals. Today, they are made using a substrate such as plastic or vinyl with a pattern or image printed on it. You can transfer a decal to a wide range of surfaces, including your Macbook. A custom one is which you personalize with your own text and images. 


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Why use custom Mac decals for your business branding?


Creative custom decals are not immediately thought of as advertising. Applying them to your MacBook draws attention to your brand without the expense or ad blindness that can come with other forms of advertising. The only constraint you have when using custom MacBook decals is the size of your computer. You can create a truly unique design that reflects your brand identity.


Some advantages of using a custom decal:


  • Cost-effective form of advertising
  • The ability to create your own unique design
  • Creates an impression on those who see it
  • Applicable to any size or type of business
  • Wide visibility 


Creating an identity for your business ensures that it is recognizable in a positive way. As you move about using your laptop, eyes will be drawn to your custom decal. It will provide a tangible reminder of your brand. 



What should you look for in a custom decal?


Many online stores today provide you with the option of customizing decals with your brand colors and fonts. Online stores on platforms like Etsy offer a wide variety of custom decals specifically for Mac.  


Materials: If you use paper or low-quality stickers, they can damage the surface of your MacBook. It is important to ensure that you use a high-quality one. It should be made of durable materials that are easy to apply and remove. It should be resistant to fading, cracking, or peeling. 


Design: Design software makes it easier to play with your creativity and come up with a design that speaks for your business. The design of it must align with your brand colors and fonts. High-contrast text and graphics are a priority when it comes to decals. Simplicity and legibility are preferable over too much complexity in the design. 


Finish: These are available in a variety of different finishes. For example, a die-cut one allows you to remove the background and only apply the decal. 



How do you apply a custom decal to your MacBook?


Place your MacBook on a flat surface with the opening facing you. Slowly peel the backing away from two corners on a longer edge of the decal. Make sure to line up the edge of it accurately with the edge of your MacBook. Lightly press the corner pieces down with your thumbs. Pressing some kind of card, like a credit card, across the top of the decal helps to remove any air bubbles. 


Continue to pull the backing away a little at a time. Smooth any bubbles as you go by using the card. When you get near to the end apply pressure with a finger to a corner piece and peel the backing off. Now apply pressure to the other corner to completely remove the backing and secure it. 




Using custom Macbook decals provides an inexpensive and effective way to promote your business. You can come up with a creative design that draws attention to your brand. It’s a subtle form of advertising that works better than many other forms. Create great visibility for your brand by using a custom decal for your Macbook as part of your branding strategy.

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