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Creative Ideas for Photography Business Cards

As a photographer, you use your creativity and photography skills to capture the best photos. So, your clients expect you to be, well, creative. So, imagine their dismay if they see your dull and mundane business cards. You will have a tough time convincing them that you are indeed a creative and talented photographer. 

Thankfully, you can change this with some creative photography business cards. If you are stuck for ideas, do not worry, as here are a few to get those creative juices flowing:

Business Cards with Matte Finish


It is now possible to design your business cards online, and then the service provider will get it professionally printed for an affordable price. You can go with cards that have a stylish solid color matte finish. It looks elegant and formal. Many times, online sites also have templates that you can customize to suit your needs. 

Translucent Photography Business Cards


If you are dying to get a unique business card that stands out in a crowd, go in for a translucent plastic business card. Not only is the card eye-catching, but you will also be able to convince potential customers that you are a versatile and creative photographer. 

Minimalist Solid Color Business Cards


Everywhere minimalism is the latest trend, so why shouldn’t business cards also follow this trend? Solid colors are in, but make sure that the design is minimalist and the fonts are small but legible. It will give the business card a clean look and also depending on the color you choose, you can make the card look attractive. If you have a logo for your business, pick a color from there to synchronize it with your brand. Alternatively, you can go for a contrasting color that makes the logo stand out. 

Camera-shaped Business Cards


Well, you are a photographer, so it is perfectly alright to have customized business cards. If you tend to click photographs of kids, this can be your winning business card design. Such photography business cards are attractive and will lure kids to pick them up. It will enable you to click their photos without chasing them all over the room! Also, the unique shape of the card will attract eyeballs like never before. 

Photo Business Cards


If you specialize in a particular type of photography, use your business card as a way to showcase your expertise. Take an image from your portfolio and place it on the card. Get your name printed at the top and contact details at the bottom so that the image is sandwiched between the two. You will not have to keep showing your portfolio to prospective clients; the image on the business card will suffice. 

Mini Photography Business Cards


Another creative way to make it to the top of the stack so that you are the first photographer who gets called is by changing the size of the business card. Make your business card smaller than the standard size so that it seamlessly fits into wallets. This will boost the chances of people retaining the card and calling you when they need a professional photographer. 

Plastic Camera Business Cards

If you are trying to make it big as a novice photographer, you need to demonstrate to prospects that you mean business. There is no better way of doing this than handing out plastic camera business cards. Showcase your camera on your card so that potential clients realize that you are a pro and not some newbie using a smartphone. It comes across as cool and trendy and also makes people sit up and take a second look at your card. Here, the photo of your camera is printed in hi-res on the card so that it stands out. 

Black and Gold Exclusive Business Cards


In case your target clients are high profile clients, you will want a business card that looks stylish and luxurious. Nothing oozes style and oomph better than black and gold. So, why not use these colors on your business card and impress the exclusive clientele you are trying to snare? 

Lens Shutter Business Cards


This unique and creative business card will attract eyeballs and become a keepsake for potential clients. Just a glance will let potential clients know the service you offer and the lens shutter design will make them keep the card rather than tossing it into the bin. Club the lens shutter design with fonts that have shadows and shades and you’ll have a winner on your hands. 

Eco-friendly Business Cards


In case your target audience is worried about the environment, you can demonstrate your care for it by getting photography business cards made from recycled paper. You can be certain that it will attract attention for all the right reasons and will allow you to make a statement. Today, eco-friendly has become the latest mantra and you can use it to your advantage if you genuinely care about the environment and want to leave your competition behind. 

Transparent Business Cards


When you are looking for creative ideas for photographers’ business cards, you cannot dismiss a transparent business card. You can get it printed on clear plastic and ensure that the only color on the card is your logo. Everything else will be in black fonts for the card to stand out and garner the attention it deserves. 

Photo Collage Business Cards


Make a collage of your best works and print them on the front of the card. Try not to overwhelm your prospective clients with too much information. Instead, focus on visual appeal so that your business card attracts their attention. Keep the reverse of the card for your contact details. Simple yet stunning – just what you were looking for. 

There you have it – a whole lot of creative ideas for photography business cards. Now, it depends on how creative you are to use these ideas. You can even mix and match these concepts to come up with something unique. As a photographer, you should be able to come across as different and that is exactly what these creative ideas help you to do and be. What do you think? 

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