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Creative Ideas for Artists' Business Cards

When you are in the creative field, people around expect you to be more distinctive and unique. So, if you have plain and un-original artist business cards, you will never be able to convince people about your talent. Remember, there are too many artists out there who have those plain and unappealing white rectangles with black font stating their name and contact details. This is just wrong, especially since you are an artist and hence, you are supposed to be creative. If your business card is not creative and artistic, how can you convince people of your talent?

Your business card is your calling card. When a person holds your card, they must immediately become aware of your talent. Remember, your business card is meant to sell your artwork and skill and not you. So, if you are tired of doling out those mundane and run-of-the-mills artist business cards, here are a few creative ideas for artist cards that will make you sit up and take a second look at your card. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of these ideas before. Well, better late than never!

Designing Your Artist Business Cards

Before you check out the creative ideas, get an inkling of how to design your card. You are an artist and it should not be that difficult. However, if you are confused, here are some pointers to help you out.  

  • Showcase your art: Use your business card to demonstrate your expertise and talent. Let it be a mini portfolio of your artwork so that you give the card a unique touch that immediately attracts your potential customers. 
  • Use the space prudently: Business cards are small and you should always endeavor to use the space smartly so that you can put in all the important information into it without making the card feel cluttered and disorganized. 
  • Be consistent: It is very important that you focus on consistency when it comes to your contact details. For instance, if you are a painter, your contact details should reflect that. The last thing you want is as your professional email ID unless you specialize in painting bananas! Are you getting the point? 

Creative Artist Business Cards

So, without much ado, here are some creative ideas for artists who are looking to revamp their business cards to make them more appealing or for new artists who are just entering into the talent place. 

Plastic Cards:

Plastic cards always stand out, especially if you make an effort to use recycled plastic to make your business cards. Plastic can easily take on bright colors and ensure high print quality. Above all, it is long-lasting, so your card will survive the rigors of years. You may get a surprise years later when an old client calls and commissions work. 

Bespoke Art:

As an artist, you are duty-bound to showcase your art. You will not get a better platform for this purpose than your business card. Take your best artwork and put it on the card, and you can be sure that the card will stand out. The bright colors and high print quality will do the rest. Let your unique art talk for itself and once you begin handing out the cards, people will end up treasuring them because of the artwork on it.  

Upcycled Materials:

Use cardboard, wood or even printed paper to creatively design and make your artist business card. In this day and age, when people lay a lot of emphasis on saving the planet and recycling items, this is a good way to demonstrate your creativity and talent. Imagine taking a subway ticket and using the back to print your business card. Yeah, it will surely garner a lot of attention, and if the right channels catch it, you may also enjoy five minutes of fame on TV or the local radio station.

Unity in Diversity:

If you have a lot of great artwork, why not have different business cards to showcase them. That way, you can let people select the business card they want. That way, you can be certain that they will hold on to it and contact you when they want your work or make use of your incredible talent. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Think Beyond Rectangles:

A business is always rectangular in shape, right? Wrong. To demonstrate your artistic streak, go beyond rectangles. You can have an oddly shaped that immediately attracts attention. Just make sure that that cardstock is heavy so that it can take the beating of having an odd shape. Of course, you should be ready to acknowledge that oddly shaped business cards will never go into the pocket or the wallet. 

There is More Than Paper and Plastic:

If you believe that artist business cards can be made solely from paper or plastic, you are wrong. You can create stunning and unconventional business cards from thin metal, sandpaper, wood, and even textile. If you have the imagination and creativity, you will be able to transform any material into a business card. So, what are you waiting for?

Interactive Artist Business Cards:

Nearly every artist has a designed and printed business card. However, you do not have to like all the other artists. In fact, you can leave the competition behind by getting blank business cards that have your name and contact details printed. Then, you can show your talent by drawing a one-of-a-kind artwork on the card right in front of the person before handing it over to them. You can bet they will be surprised and will never forget the experience. You can be certain that your business card will occupy a pride of place. 

The Final Word

There is no dearth of creative ideas for artist business cards. It depends on how much time and thought you can invest in the creating process. The more creative and cool your business card, the greater the chances that you will be able to convert potential clients into paying clients. Think about it and you’ll agree that artists have to work that much harder to convince people that they have a highly creative bend. And, you will not get a better opportunity than your business to prove naysayers wrong and present your talent to the world in an innovative manner. 

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