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Crazy About Tiffany’s – An iconic brand color with an iconic backstory

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Tiffany Blue – The Shade of Luxury

The color that has come to be known as Tiffany Blue was chosen by jeweler and founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, for the front of Blue Book, Tiffany's yearly assortment of stunning, carefully assembled gems. That is the first time the words Tiffany and blue were brought together before the world.

Ever since then, it has been the color that Tiffany jewelry boxes, bags, gift cards, brochures and so many other pieces of merchandise are produced in. Celebrities have worn clothing items later come to be remembered as ‘that Tiffany Blue gown I wore at so and so.’ Entire celeb and/or cinema photoshoots have occurred with the concerned individual posing in front of a blue screen; not just any blue, though. But Tiffany blue.

Now and again referred to as robin's-egg blue or forget-me-not blue, Tiffany has transformed this particular shade into a worldwide symbol of style and modernity. From the second you set your eyes upon Tiffany's cool and new oceanic blue shade—a color that echoes dynamic quality and vibrancy—you are quickly moved into a world of extravagance and enjoyment.

Importance of Tiffany Blue for Its Brand’s Image

Color is more important than shapes, texts and other mundane elements. In fact, even research has proven how 80% of human experiences are filtered through our eyes. And in viewable signs, color is the most crucial element in effectively getting a message over. It’s often what starts up the reminiscing; the nostalgia. It accompanies aroma and odors in being vehicles on which we take trips down memory lane.

Such facts are why a brand goes all out to pick the right color for its identity. 

Since elegance and luxury happen to be key brand messages Tiffany’s wants to get across, Tiffany blue is the perfect color to do just that. And since colors incite in us different thoughts and feelings, what Tiffany blue aims to incite in anyone who sets eyes on it…well, let’s just think of that warm, cozy feeling one gets the first thing on Christmas morning, having lain eyes on all the presents sitting under the Christmas tree.

THAT sort of feeling is the one Tiffany blue aims to inspire in consumers of products decorated with this color. See a Tiffany blue box among those presents? You can expect to get something special indeed.

Tiffany Blue’s Standardization by Pantone

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Tiffany would choose to partner with the color giant, Pantone, and invent a standard Tiffany Blue for all its merchandise.

Wherever color is involved, expect Pantone to up the game and take that color—and every object in existence to be colored in that shade—to a whole new level. 

Pantone first began working with Tiffany in 2001 when it was approached by the jewelry company to standardize this iconic shade. Pantone used the best of its best technology.

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This shade is hard to create; hard to get exactly right. A lot can change the resulting tone. But Pantone being Pantone, achieved it successfully. The result was officially titled 1837 Blue, 1837 marking the founding of Tiffany & Co.

Pantone has worked with many such clients; it also allows them to name their signature colors themselves, such as Tiffany did. 

Crazy About Tiffany – The Documentary Highlighting Tiffany and Co.’s Creative Journey

February 19, 2016 denoted the release of a documentary about Tiffany and Co., Crazy About Tiffany's. The film follows the Tiffany story beginning straight from its origins with the Tiffany family to the cutting-edge, all-around wanted brand we know of it as today; including the story behind the notable Tiffany Blue shading as characterized by the Pantone Color Institute's custom shading program. At its heart, the documentary catches both the creativity, raw talent and boldness that has charmed the world for more than 150 years.

From Humble Beginnings to a Modern-Day Symbol of Pure Luxury

Tiffany and Co. has breathed life into the world’s aspirational dreams with its amazing gems, signature blue box, and ageless refinement. From past to present, revealing characters in behind-the-scenes and the customers captivated by its appeal, Crazy About Tiffany's is the main, completely approved narrative depicting how a basic adornments store has woven itself into mainstream society to turn into a worldwide marvel of the present day.

This enthralling narrative takes viewers from the second each gem is brought about by the first female Tiffany Design Director, Francesca Amfitheatrof, to the Tiffany-planned trophy raised at the Super Bowl and to the Oscar honorary pathway in Hollywood adorned by Tiffany jewels. 

Regardless of whether the film is concentrating on the beginnings of the Tiffany family, following the precious Tiffany Diamond to China, or reporting how ace experts hand make a great Jean Schlumberger structure, Crazy About Tiffany's catches both the creativity and valor that has charmed the world for more than 150 years.

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