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couchcom video Business Card Design Example

Metal Business Cards claim custom shapes and cut-outs for a business card are sure to impress any client, anywhere; and also how both the things come under the cost of the card itself. No extra fees!
One of the most attention-grabbing features of card printing these days is customizable cut-outs and shapes. You can shape your business card in the form of your hand, even, or a dog or the moon…anything you want.
Just as anyone else who laid eyes on the above-shown card, its shape is its most positive attribute, one that is responsible for making it a memorable one.
Couchcom Productions is the name of the brand. A couch is the shape of their business card. Can it get more efficient than this?
The 3D shape of the card contains easily readable typography, in bold, capitalized font. The second word in the brand name, Productions, is neatly placed in what serves to be the underside of a couch cushion. How neat!
If you are going for a uniquely shaped business card, using unique typography, fonts, colors, textures, etc would just be overdoing it. Something should be kept simple, at least. In the case of this card, it is the color of the fonts.
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