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concierge cleaning services Business Card Design Example

As the name implies, Concierge Cleaning Services provide commercial markets and medical and other residents of San Diego with flawless janitorial and customer services through environment-friendly cleaning methods.
Not only that, but this service also monitors whether the job is being done, through routine audits.
You can expect this service will be at your constant constant beck and call for their technological innovations and engagements keep them in the loop regarding clients’ needs.
Concierge Cleaning Services are LEED certified. They offer multiple kinds of janitorial services, which you can check out here.
Suits. Ties. Strict ironing. Colors black and white. These elements have one thing in common: cleanliness. You must have sensed the environment to be ultra-sanitary, super-clean and shiny when you step into a certain prestigious office floor.
This is what the Concierge Cleaning Services aim for. To create such an environment. And this is exactly what the typography, background image and the ultra-smooth surface layer of their business card is representing, too.
Cleaning services might seem tricky to represent on a business card. But Concierge Cleaning Services’ business card has done justice to the task.
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