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cocoon home interiors Business Card Design Example

Cocoon Home is a design business owned and run by entrepreneur and merchandiser, Debra Szidon, a botanical designer and interior decorator. Debra knows the level of aesthetics can reach up-to, when combined with the right seasonal changes.

That is why Cocoon Home aims at incorporating botanicals, the plethora of art that comprises interior design and aesthetics to give your space an out-of-this-world, Victorian-royal kind of feels.

Visit Cocoon Home and you will find portfolios of the design projects from the categories of botanicals and interiors Szidon has created over the years.

Cocoon Home Blog offers a deeper look at its functions by showing you the before-after of Szidon’s interior design projects.

This business card is metallic with a thick black interior, having a gold foil stamp in the center and gold edges, too.

The first thing that struck me most about this card is the typography. Once you go through the Cocoon Home Blog, you will realize what I mean.

The aesthetic vibes coming off from this card stand in perfect synchronization to the vibes coming off from the layers, textures, colors and botanicals forming the body of design project this business creates.

Often the simplest designs can do the trick. I think this card echoes the very soul of the business it represents.

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