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Cheap Business Cards

Looking For Cheap Business Cards?

If you've found yourself here you were probably on the hunt for cheap business cards! With literally hundreds of options out there all with astonishingly low prices, how do you know you're going to get a quality product? One major thing to consider when looking at the quality of cheap business cards is the printing. Are your cards being digitally printed? Which although slightly cheaper, suffers greatly in loss of print quality. Or are your cards printing with 4 color offset? At Print Peppermint we print 4-color offset because of the superior color and image quality that only 4-color offset printing can offer.

What is 4-Color Offset Printing?

In 4-color offset printing the word "offset" refers to the fact that the printed image does not directly go on to the paper. Contrary to the process of digital printing which utilizes toners and print heads, offset printing uses plates to transfer an image onto a rubber blanket. This rubber blanket then rolls the image onto a sheet of paper. By separating colors into plates, CMYK and/or Pantone Spot Color we maintain greater control over the printing process. The end result is a higher quality print with amazing color accuracy and crisp details, something which digital printing cannot compete with. In short, advantages to 4 color offset printing are:
  • Cost-effectiveness with large quantities
  • Color superiority
  • Image resolution/quality superiority
  • Options for specialty inks
  • A wide selection of paper and other substrate options

Doesn't Everyone Use 4-Color Offset Printing?

The answer is no, many of our competitors produce all their cards digitally, resulting in a lackluster finished product. Print Best %title% Online For more information on this see our article on buying business cards online,

Quality & Affordability:

Based on what you've read above about 4-Color Offset printing you might come to the conclusion that it's gonna be expensive. Well, fear not my friends! In order to offer you the best bang for your buck we have compiled a list of our most affordable products:

16pt MINI Cards starting at $29.00

Print Best %title% OnlineFor just \$29.00 you can get 100 beautiful 4-color offset mini business cards on 16pt Matte or 16pt Gloss.

16pt Square Cards starting at $35.00

Print Best %title% Online 100 high quality 2.5 x 2.5 square cards in 16pt smooth matte or 16pt gloss for just $35.00!

16pt Standard Cards starting at $35.00

Print Best %title% Online Your business card staple. 100 classic 3.5 x 2.5 standard sized cards in 14pt uncoated , 14pt natural white, 16pt smooth matte, or 16pt gloss for $35.00.

11pt Linen Cards starting at $35.00

Print Best %title% Online You can get 100 11pt uncoated linen business cards for $35.00.

16pt Glossy Cards starting at $59.00

500 ultra glossy cards are perhaps our best deal coming in at just $0.12/card. Had to post a video to show how remarkable these things are ^_^!

Use Coupon Codes:

Another pro tip on keeping the price down is to link up with our social media sites and get on our newsletter. We often post coupon codes for the month, week, holiday! So be sure to check those to get your discount!

Things to Consider:

As the title suggests, this post is aimed at getting the best cards you can for the lowest price. But... there is another factor that determines the quality of your card. DESIGN. A bad design can make even the most expensive card look bad. With a stand out design, you could print the card in the process and it would still be awesome. At Print Peppermint we offer amazing design services starting at just $99.00.  So if you don't have a killer design don't worry ^_^ we got you! Another thing to consider is that we also offer many other products under $100.00. Specialty cards like frosted plastic, suede cards, and pearl metallic all start at under $100.00. So by spending just a little more, you can get a more specialized product. Last, for the sake of convenience we have put together a product page in our shop with all our cheapest business card options, click here to visit! For more information about Print Peppermint and to get your hands on some samples, order yourself a sample pack today!
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