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Business Cards in the time of Covid-19

The coronavirus has changed the entire global landscape. It has affected businesses and left millions jobless. However, there have also been many positive developments due to the pandemic.

For instance, companies have finally realized that a remote workforce is capable of handling all the work.

Many things have gone out of fashion in the wake of the situation. People have stopped shaking hands or hugging one another. Another thing that they have quit doing is using business cards. Nobody wants to exchange them anymore in a virtual world. 

Business cards were very popular in the Victorian era as they helped provide reliable contact information. However, with quick online searching and social distancing becoming the norm, companies are questioning whether they should bury their business cards. 

Why Do We Use Business Cards?

There are 4 main reasons why business cards are used, as mentioned below.

  • Share your name with the company logo,
  • Deliver contact details,
  • Serve as a name tag when attending meetings,
  • For placing gum and disposing of it in the trash bin (Kidding, Am I?).

Since handshaking has ceased during the pandemic, there should be no reason to use germ-infested cards. Despite their many uses, the fact is that business cards are simply outdated. Some people have campaigned to eliminate the use of business cards for quite some time now.

The reason behind why people do not want to use business cards is because they are environmentally unfriendly, expensive, inconvenient, and outdated.

Besides, it takes time to design and print them. In addition to this, the cards also have to be updated with the latest information.

A World without Any Business Cards

The truth is that the demise of business cards is not something that just occurred all of a sudden. It has been in the making for quite some time.

As every company hires a software development company, it has become common to look for a digital solution to every problem.  

Today, there is a digital solution for just about everything. Since efficiency is incredibly important, there is no point in using something that is not cost-effective. 

How to Share Business Contact Information without Business Cards?

As business cards are dead for the time being, it is important to consider other ways to share information. There is no need to worry as the following options make it easy for you to share your contact information in no time.

1. Text Messaging

People are sending text messages than ever before. With attractive mobile packages, it has become extremely affordable to text. Therefore, it makes sense to text message your digital business card. 

You can simply copy and paste the digital card to the Text Message screen and enter the recipient details before hitting send. The text message you send to the recipient will include the URL address to your digital business card and a greeting message.

The recipient will decide whether to access the digital card or not. Once they tap at the hyperlink, it will take them to the digital card using their default web browser.  

2. Email

Another great way to give a digital business card is using email. All you have to do is open an email and enter the email address of all the recipients. Then, you can proceed with writing the subject. Finally, copy and paste the digital business card in the message field. 

As soon as the email has been sent, the recipients will get a notification, and they will open the email to see the digital business card. It is very simple.

Each web client allows you to send a certain number of emails in a day. Therefore, you should read up on the limit for sending emails.  

Although you can include the card in the message field, you can also enclose it as an attachment. It all depends on which option you prefer.

3. QR Code

QR code has also become a popular option for sending digital business cards. As printing business cards is not possible, you can share a QR code containing the digital business card. There are plenty of tools that you can use to create a QR code for your card. 

Once you have made the QR code, you can post it online or share it with others. Anyone who scans the QR code will be able to access your code. It is as easy as it gets.

4. Facebook

Instead of sharing your business card in person, you can simply take a picture of it and post it on Facebook. The same goes for your digital card. You could even add to your featured pictures or highlights. It is very simple to share your card on Facebook.  

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn also lets you share your card. You can post it on your timeline. Press the Social Media button and select the digital card that you want to share. The card can even be added to your business profile. Anyone who visits your profile should be able to access it by clicking on it. 

Google All the Way

While it is a good idea to send your digital business cards to prospects, it is an even better idea to improve your search engine ranking. We live in the day and age of Google. People simply prefer to search for things online. It makes them feel like they are in control.

Businesses have to incorporate their contact information into their websites to share vital information with prospects.

Customers must find your company when they search for it online. Having an online presence has become very important. It allows you to make a good impression on prospects.

Is It the End for Business Cards?

Although it might seem like business cards are no longer relevant, they will rise once again and dominate the business world just like a phoenix. They have been used for marketing since forever. 

If you do get a business card, make sure that it is unique and attractive. Otherwise, nobody would bother to even look at it. 

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