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Business Card Holders that You Can Make At Home In Minutes!

First impressions are the last, and this mostly holds true when it comes to professional interactions. Business cards are a sure shot at taking your professional outlook up a notch. However, the cards and relevant accessories can often cost you some bucks.

DIY business card holders are an amazing way of demonstrating your brand image and creativity in a unique way. And, they will cost you less! Research has also shown using handmade and personalized items automatically tends to give a softer image to clients!

So, here’s a list of some cool ideas for DIY business card holders, which you can design in one day!

Transparent Plastic Card Holder

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Like a miniature version of the file transparent covers people put assignments in, a plastic cover can be a great cardholder. It makes you look neat, organized, and are extremely easy to find (at the bottom of a handbag, for example!). These holders are particularly suitable if your brand identity is a minimalistic one!

To make these,

  • Take a plastic file cover or plastic sheet
  • Put your card on the plastic and draw out the boundaries. Add 1 inch on both sides of the boundary you’ve drawn.
  • Cut out the plastic strip 4x (so that there is space for gluing the layers together) the height of your business card.
  • Cut the strip into 3 equal parts. Cut out a triangular flap from one of the parts. The other two will be used as the main body which will hold the cards.
  • Glue the other 2 parts together. Once they have dried, glue the flap on one of the parts.
  • Sew/Glue a small button on to the flap, and its other part on the adjacent side of the main body. You can add a bit of color from this button.

You now have a cute, envelope-shaped plastic cardholder! This will be easy to find, easy to keep clean, and easy to make again (though you won’t need to!)

Old Cassette Case Business Card Holders

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All of us have owned music cassettes at some point, and most of us still have a few of them lying around. For some, they hold old important memories, while for others, it is that old vintage aesthetic that doesn’t let you throw them away.

Cassette covers can make excellent business card holders and require minimum effort. This way, you get to keep that vintage aesthetic and a handy object to hold your cards!

To make a DIY card holder, you’ll need

  • An old cassette case
  • Hot glue

What you need to do to make this is,

  • Get a cassette case and clean it out.
  • Open it to its full capacity
  • Join the two parts of the case with glue, fixing it into the open position permanently.
  • You can put cards vertically in the small container where the cassette is held, or horizontally in the floor of the case. This gives you two compartments, where you can keep two different types of cards.

Your card holder is ready. You can now customize and decorate it as you wish. Since it is mostly transparent plastic, you can paint on it or put embellishments with glue.

Wooden Business Card Holder

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Holders made out of wood are more sturdy and long-lasting than others. While they might be heavier, they go a long way. Wood gives a sleek and classy look and goes with almost everything. If your brand identity is smooth, sleek, and serious, this one is for you.

  • Get a thick small, square piece of wood and a thin smaller, rectangular one.
  • Make a horizontal cut in the square piece to hold your business cards.
  • Attach the rectangular piece with hot glue 2 mm behind the cut, giving it a background. This background with provide support to the cards, as well as make them stand out (if they’re light in color)
  • You can add your company’s logo/name on this background.

You now have a stylish, personalized cardholder. Not only that, it’s much more eco-friendly than plastic and promotes a better image of your brand! 

Yellow Pages Business Card Holder

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This is one of the easiest ones to make, and you can use this to hold multiple things, in addition to your business cards. For this, you’ll need to recycle some old pages. We suggest using last year’s directory.

What you’ll need to do is,

  • Trim the directory (or whatever you’re using) up to the right diameter (around 394 pages work best).
  • You will need a metal tube of the same diameter.
  • Roll the directory up
  • Insert it into the metal tube. You can also use a plastic tube in case you can’t find a metal one.
  • Make sure that the directory/pages are tightly rolled.

These individual pages will now act as holders for cards. You can also use this to hold photographs, notes etc.

Metal Wire Business Card Holder

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To make this, you’ll need a metal wire and a ceramic base (you can use a metal, plastic, or a wooden base as well).

  • Coil your metal wire around a body spray bottle in the form of a large spring.
  • Make sure that the space between each turn of the coil is less than ½ inch.
  • Attach the spring to a ceramic/wooden/metal/plastic base using hot glue. You can also make a small nook with a piece of metal wire and attach it with the base, then pass the coil through that.
  • Decorate the base as you like. Like the one above, this can be used to hold multiple things, like photos etc. as well.

Business cards and cardholders can take you a long way when it comes to building your and your brand’s image. They’re one of those small things which can leave a lasting impression on your clients. The more thought you put into it, the more you invest in and benefit your business. So unleash your creative side with the help of our list and take your business to the next step!

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