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BAYWATCH RED: To Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Baywatch-An Iconic TV Series

Baywatch, one of the most popular and long-running TV series, is now celebrating its 30th year of existence. This TV series is not just in shown in the U.S but, also all over the world as well.

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of this iconic TV series of all time, Fremantle, an international producer has collaborated with Pantene Color Institute, a global color authority to make a new and certified Pantone Color, which is the Baywatch Red. A dramatic, dynamic, as well as the very inviting red color features in the well-known and famed red trunks and swimsuit worn by the characters of the internationally celebrated action drama series.

Baywatch is very popular in the year 1990s. It is one of the most iconic as well as era-defining TV shows, with its beautiful beaches and Mitch Buchannon as well as the sexy and hunk Baywatch lifeguards. Baywatch, in an instant, became a pop culture trend.

This TV series was first seen on the TV in the year 1989 and remastered by Fremantle in the year 2018 to make High Definition. Baywatch follows a crowd of selected lifeguards on the unspoiled Malibu beaches, in Southern California. They did not just help in saving lives but also uplift the surrounding community. According to Entertainment Weekly, Baywatch is one of the most sought after TV show in the history of Television, and produced legion of global stars like Pamela Anderson, David Hasselhoff, Carmen Electra, Yasmine Bleeth, Jason Momoa, Gena Lee Nolan, Erika Eleniak as well as Alexandra Paul.

Baywatch aired in more than 200 countries all over the world. It was translated into forty-eight different languages. According to TV Guide, Baywatch has one billion viewers from all parts of the globe. Due to its popularity and fame, this TV series was awarded a Guinness World Record due to having the highest number of audience worldwide in the history of TV.

According to Bob McCourt, Fremantle Chief Operating Officer, International, the shade of red is considered one of the most familiar and identifiable factors of Baywatch, So, in behalf of Fremantle, they are keyed up about marking thirty years of this unbelievable series by formally making Baywatch Red with Pantone. Yet, this is another amazing moment in the history of Baywatch.

Pantone Color Institute, Vice President Laurie Pressman, commented, as a longtime fanatic and follower of this TV shows and devotee of the encouraging red shorts and swimsuits, we were keen and honored to join in the making of this exclusive Pantone Color. Signifying the courage and passion shown by these courageous and gallant lifesavers, the strongly bracing Baywatch Red right away shows a message of fierce willpower as well as an instant action.

Fremantle is the company the produced and distributed Baywatch internationally. The original executive producers and the creators of this TV series were Doug Schwartz, Greg Bonann and Michael Berk. These three personally supervised the remastering of this TV series and planned to sell in various countries all over the world.

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