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A Look at Some of the Most Popular Web Design Trends in 2023

Whether you know it or not, website design represents a business, shop, or individual's image. It's like how we judge someone's character—whether they are trustworthy, pleasant, or shy, based on their looks when we first meet them.

Similarly web design, layout, color, style, and visual ideas can also influence visitors' first impressions and whether they will continue navigating or choose to close your website tabs.

Therefore, web design cannot be taken lightly, just having a website that looks good is not enough. You need to do research and discuss with web designers how to create a website that represents your brand and meets the needs of visitors.

You can start by paying attention to several websites that have similar fields. How do they arrange the layout, and appearance of the website, and what characteristics do they have? 

Apart from that, looking at creative website designs can also add inspiration, you know. So, the following 10+ web design trends for 2023 that will be booming can be your reference in creating the best website.

What is Web Design?

Before discussing further what are the web design trends for 2023, it's a good idea to first understand what web design is and what effects it will have on the website that you have.

Web design is the process of building web app elements from structure, layout, images, colors, fonts, and graphics to create the overall look and feel of a website that represents the brand's image. 

Most of what people think about a website when they first visit it has to do with how it looks.

In fact, 75% of them assess credibility based on the overall design and 38% of people will stop using a website if the layout is deemed less attractive. This confirms that web design is one of the important factors that affect the performance of a site.

 What Should Be Considered Before Designing a Website??

After understanding what web design is, you might be wondering what kind of website design examples customers like. Actually, there are no definite rules that can guide the success of a website's design.

The reason for this is, of course, that the companies, shops, and people represented by the website all have different qualities, advantages, and selling points. 

But, the following considerations will help you evaluate which design will enhance the quality and functionality of your website:

UI/UX Design

For beginners, the term "UX/UI design" may still feel foreign, even though it sounds similar, The two actually have different meanings. In simple terms, the difference between UI design and UX design lies in the focus of each of these fields.

UI stands for user interface design, which focuses on how the interface of a website, application, or program can provide a satisfying user experience. UI covers a wide range of things, such as choosing colors and putting navigation buttons in the right places.

Meanwhile, UX design stands for user experience design, which focuses more on research, analysis, and mapping of what is needed by the target market. 

UX design is not technically related to website design but rather refers to how the design should be able to answer customer needs based on the research that has been done.

UI and UX design are important aspects of creating a quality website. With UI UX design, the process of creating a website becomes clearer, more focused, and more measurable.

Interesting Copywriting

The website is a one-way communication medium, you cannot interact directly with visitors unless they enter the chat bar to contact you. Therefore, copywriting is an important point to pay attention to.

Some web designs use large text or bold type to emphasize their identity. Any writing that is displayed cannot be arbitrary, therefore, you need to compose persuasive, interesting, and convincing copy for visitors to collaborate or make purchases on the website.

Consistent Style

Consistency is no less important to note. A consistent web design style can create a strong impression and influence visitor perceptions. 

Visitors will easily remember your website when they see similar things, that way, they will return more often and create strong engagement between visitors and the website that you have.

Web Design Trends 2023: 10+ Trends You Need to Know

Using a trending design can make your website look more attractive and up-to-date. The beginning of this year is the right moment to make or change your website's design, following the trend that is currently booming. The following examples of web designs can be a source of inspiration for you when designing attention-grabbing website designs.

Application-Like Appearance

Applications have become more common, and most people use them without thinking about them to meet a wide range of needs. Users will feel more at home and have an easier time navigating the app if it takes on the visual style of a website. 

In addition, the appearance of an application on a website can also attract attention, because it provides a new surfing experience for website visitors.

Bold & Vibrant colors

Color selection is one of the web design factors to consider for the 2023 trend.

Both aesthetically and in terms of establishing a sense of corporate identity, color may have a significant influence on website visitors.

The usage of vivid colors is predicted to be one of the most significant trends in web design for the year 2023.

This is a fantastic method to bring some originality and creativity into the design of the website you're working on.

In addition to vibrant hues, 2023 will see a rise in the use of black and white with the addition of bright highlights.

Fewer Pictures

Generally, websites use lots of images to attract the attention of visitors. However, the 2022 web design trend seems to be starting to shift this concept. 

Instead, text with attractive copy is used to convey information and interest visitors. But don't get me wrong, the image doesn't disappear completely. Several supporting icons and thumbnails can still be used to enhance the appearance of the website.

Using GIFs as a visual format

Web design has come a long way since the days when all the content on a site was a picture. People get bored easily with these steady images.

One thing that is likely to be a trend in web design in 2023 is the use of GIFs in website content. Animated GIFs are brief videos (usually between 1 and 4 seconds in length) that lack audio.

Users will spend more time on the site because of the enhanced social interactions and clearer communication that result.

Custom graphics and other enhancements can be added to further personalize your service.


Glassmorphism refers to a design concept that uses transparency, shadow, and blur effects to create a glass-like appearance. This design concept is also predicted to become a web design trend in 2023. 

The glassmorphism technique can be used on logos, illustrations, or all website pages because it gives a 3D feel that brings a luxurious, elegant, and unique impression.

Fun Optimistic Design

A website that displays bright colors and a fun design can give a pleasant impression to its visitors. This type of design uses lots of blocks, shapes, and lines to form funny faces or pictures. 

This style, which will become the 2023 web design trend, is suitable for use on portfolio websites, eCommerce, or educational sites.

Oversized Typography

Not to be left behind, typography also exists as a web design trend in 2022. As the name suggests, oversized typography carries the concept of large fonts that fill the landing page screen. 

This design concept is suitable for use in any design style because the text is a mandatory element on all websites. Minimalist, modern, or retro styles can all perfectly follow the trend of oversized typography.

Voice optimization

By 2022, voice-enabled eCommerce has a lucrative market.

The rise of voice-activated search is an early indicator of what's to come in web design in 2023.

If you want your website to rank well in search results, you need to learn how to optimize it for voice search.

As you know, getting a high ranking on search engines is a good way to get more people to visit your website.

Three-Dimensional Design Elements

Three-dimensional elements use shading, animation, and layer effects to add dimension and depth to an image. When prototype models, videos, or illustrations are shown, the 3D style makes them look more real and appealing. 

Even though this design style isn't exactly new, the use of three-dimensional design elements in flat objects and animation is a fresh innovation and could become a 2023 web design trend.

Handmade Graphics

Humanizing your site is imperative! Throughout the year, we have seen an increase in the number of hand-drawn graphics, which undoubtedly create more authentic web pages. 

When we talk about hand-drawn graphics, we are referring to those scribbles, designs, symbols, or shapes made using a pencil, colored pen, or paintbrush.

This design trend seeks to connect the virtual and real worlds, eliminating the coldness that technology can sometimes evoke, and giving a more human touch.

Retro Look

It is anticipated that the so-called "retro" design, which was influenced by the 1990s, would expand in popularity in the next few years as a result of the rising nostalgia among users for this glorious age. 

This approach to website design incorporates retro stylings while maintaining a more modern tone. To make your website stand out from the crowd, you may use a variety of design elements, including bold colors, futuristic typefaces, and eye-catching patterns.

Split-Screen Websites

In the year 2022, the "split screen display" emerged as one of the most popular display options. Landing pages, in particular, benefit greatly from this kind of layout. 

It involves separating the screen into many panels, each of which may show a separate set of images or videos. You can gather a lot of information on one page this way without generating too much noise.

This concept yields a website that is more aesthetically balanced in terms of text and graphics, as well as one that provides viewers with a higher level of interactivity.

Overlap Effect

The overlapping effect style is one of the web design trends for 2023 because it uses the creative placement of elements and color choices that work well together. 

If you are interested in adopting this website design, you need to pay attention to the proportions of the elements used so it doesn't seem excessive.

Leverage a neutral font style to make the design more balanced so that the existing overlapping components may serve as the centerpiece that gives your website an unique look.

Homepages Without Images

Unlike the design style with fewer images in the previous discussion, this web design really doesn't use any image elements at all on its landing page. 

Even so, by choosing the right font style, this website design has succeeded in displaying a strong minimalist and elegant impression. 

So, it's no wonder that the homepage style without images is one of the 2023 web design trends.

Dark Mode

This phenomenon will continue to grow in popularity in the years to come. More and more people are realizing the benefits of using dark mode on their devices, and they are starting to demand it from websites as well.    

When it comes to dark backgrounds, you don't necessarily have to go for pure black, you can choose gray and its shades. The key to success is getting good contrast by putting the rest of the graphics or content in bright colors.

The end result is then a sleek and eco-friendly website. If your website doesn't yet have a dark mode option, it's time to start planning for it.

Closing Words

Listed here are the most significant web design trends for 2022 that we have identified. Remember that nothing stays the same for very long. 

On the other hand, if you want to give your website a more modern look, incorporating one of these trends would be a fantastic starting point.

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