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6 Golden Rules For Business Card Design (QUICK FIRE TIPS)

in today's video I have some quickfire tips for the golden rules in businesscard design so take some notes and follow along with my golden rules forbusiness card design today's video is made possible by named chief and I useNamecheap to obtain my most recent domain name Chiba is used by webprofessionals and bloggers startups and also entrepreneurs alike you can learnmore about Namecheap later in the video on how to grab domains as low as 88cents and also shared web hosting for under $3 a month the first tip is tohave a theme or a running theme throughout your business card design onback and the front now this theme probably will come fromthe branding or the logo but you need to take into account of the color thetypeface and also the layouts you need to tie in together and resemble themessage and the theme of the brand so for example a business card for afashion company we are utilized typical colors and typefaces for that specificindustry and if you take two business cards and lay them out one with thefront up and one with the back up they should complement each other and a goodway to do this is to use contrasting colors so on one side maybe have blackand the other side have whites but yeah you should have a running themethroughout the entire business card designnext we have text and liquor sighs and this is really important because firstlyyou want people to be able to read the information on the business card becausethat's the point of the whole thing entirely so do you make sure to testprint and then hold the card at certain distance and check to see if you canread the text properly and also that goes with the logo design as wellthere's no point having a logo on a business card that looks blurry andafter printing so do test print the text size and the logo size on the finalproductand speaking of printing the third golden rule is to make sure yourbusiness card is 300ppi and also set to CMYK color mode for printing this ispretty obvious to most people but some designers do forget this small detailand it's really important as well so the fourth golden rule is to havebleeds on your business card design I typically use a five millimeter bleedaround the entire design and you need to set this up in Illustrator or whateveryou're using the bleeds are there so the printer can cut out your business cardefficiently and cleanly on multiple different printouts so do make sure thatyour artwork does go over the bleed but moving on to the fifth point today makesure you do have margins so you can keep all important content within from theedge of the design now again I typically bring the margins in five millimetersfrom the actual cutout print edge having a load or some text right up tothe cutout edge does look really tacky and untidy and lastly today the sickgolden rule of a business car design is hierarchy use hierarchy especially onthe text so you can have the important titles standing out so for example yourname and say your profession like art director or whatever but ya havehierarchy on the business card because it does draw attention and also it looksmore professional and it looks more neatso as I mentioned today's video was made possible by Namecheap who i personallyused to source my most recent domain for my subscription-based websitessatori resources nets Namecheap offers low prices on a huge range of onlineproducts and services all with friendly 24/7 customer support Namecheap is aone-stop destination to bring your next big idea to life using a website butthey don't just offer domains they also supply shared web hosting management ofwordpress hosting ssl certificates and much much more so do check out Namecheaplink down the description box below and grab some awesome discounts for yournext website project using Namecheap but yeah that was a quick-fire tips videotoday on business card golden rules and let me know what you thought of today'svideo down in the comment section below have a great day and until next timedesign your future today peaceyou
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