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5 Ways to Make Business Cards That Stand Out

5 Ways to Make Business Cards That Stand Out

Business cards are a dime a dozen...unless you know how to make yours unique. Click here to get 5 ways to create business cards that stand out.

Are business cards still effective in today's modern marketing? Finding business cards that stand out is critical in getting yours noticed, but it's not an easy feat.

Professionals and businesses have been trading business cards since the 1700s, and the practice is still largely effective today. It's an easy way to exchange contact information.

Plus it can help raise top-of-mind awareness every time someone looks at your card.

But if you want your business cards to get the attention they deserve, it helps to push the bounds of creativity.

Take a look at our top tips for making your business cards unlike any other:

1. Avoid Cookie Cutter Designs

It's all too easy to grab a nice-looking design from an online business card printer, plug in your own information, and wait for your cards to arrive. But keep in mind that many other businesses do the exact same thing - with the exact same designs!

It's always better to use a custom design for your business cards. This will help people connect your name with your brand. Plus, it eliminates the chance that your competitors' cards will look just like yours.

2. Embellish Your Cards

Paying a little extra to embellish your cards can go a long way in creating a professional, polished image.

Enhancements like foil borders, raised letters, or a unique finish don't come standard on most cards. This will give your audience a nice surprise when they see your card and can help them remember you over your competitors.

3. Add a Little Weight

Using a heavier cardstock can give a completely new look and feel to your business cards.

Paper-thin business cards may be perceived as being cheap, while a thicker weight can present a more professional image.

Remember, your business card is often the first impression of your company. Adding a little weight to your cards show your audience that you're invested in your business's image and always put your best foot forward.

4. Include a Call to Action

Business cards can be used for more than exchanging contact information. Consider including a specific offer or call to action on your card to increase its shelf life.

This might be a discount, a free consultation, or a request to follow you on social media. Whatever you choose, make sure it inspired curiosity or intrigue to encourage your recipient to take action.

5. Explore Shape and Design Options

It's worth it to partner with a professional designer that can push the boundaries of the traditional business card.

Experiment with different sizes and shapes to create a card that's anything but boring. Adding laser cuts, vibrant images, textures, and unique shapes can contribute to a wow-worthy business card design.

Want Business Cards that Stand Out? Let Us Help You!

Getting business cards that stand out shouldn't be a daunting task.

At Print Peppermint, we know first impressions matter. Let our design team help you craft the best business cards for your company. Contact us today for a custom quote on business cards you'll be proud to hand out.

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