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5 Tips to Properly Print a Poster

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Even with all the technological advances, there are things that will never stop being relevant. In this case, I’m referring to posters. There might be some doubts about this method still being effective or if online advertising has changed the game forever, but in reality, posters still have an important place, thanks to the exposure and flexibility of markets they can reach.

One of their advantages it’s the capacity of reaching people on a more personal level, because people still care for them, while walking around town, and if they can be placed in strategic places, you can reach, efficiently, your desired audience. This is just an example of how printed posters are still a good source of marketing, however, no one likes to see a printed poster with mistakes, bad quality, and flaws, so it’s important to create a well-thought final result, and that’s why, we’re here with 5 tips to make your posters the best ones on the wall. Let’s find out more about it! Before that, if you want to leave the work on the hands of professionals, be sure to visit Cartazes.pt for high-quality results!

Keep It Possible to Read at Distance

A good poster with an attractive design and good readability will catch people’s attention more efficiently, and make them hold on and read what the poster is about. However, if the text is too small, you will surely make people lose interest, due to the effort they have to put in. If a person is far away from it and there’s no way of getting closer, you can forget any information getting anywhere.

To start, the headline needs to scream, in a creative way, and explain what that poster is about, in order to catch attention, not to mention it’s the first thing people will read. Size is not only attractive but, when giving important information, if your audience doesn’t have to look for it, and it pops out, you’re one step closer to success. Adding to this, the poster size itself will make a difference, and, usually, the bigger the poster, the bigger is the crowd.

Everyone Likes Color

It’s not breaking news that something with bright colors is way more catchy than black and white, as people respond better to colorful posters. However, the colors need to be well thought, and going according to its theme, to what it’s announcing, and also to the targeted crowd. When it comes to colors in a poster, there are two popular options – RGB and CMYK. In this situation, with a printed poster, CMYK is the ideal one because it gives a more realistic preview of how the colors will come out in the finished product. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Images and Resolution

If you are going to use images in your poster, then there’s a lot of stuff to have in mind during the process. The thought of a pixelated image is a nightmare that no one wants to go through. Usually, a printing poster’s digital file is huge and, a lot of times, it happens that the image looks perfectly right on the screen, but then on paper is something completely different. The best tip in a situation like this one is setting all files to a 300 DPI resolution, which means there are 300 dots per inch, giving more detail to the image, and ultimately bringing a better resolution. It’s something quite simple, that will surely help a lot.

Paper Quality Is Important Too

When talking about printing a poster, there are so many concerns with the design, colors and fonts, that sometimes we forget about one important factor – the paper. Choosing the right paper might sound simple, but there are a lot of details to put into consideration. For example, how long you want to have it up, your budget, and even the fact that your poster will go through different weather situations.

A poster meant to stay hung up for a while, with weaker material, will get easily damaged and pass the idea that it’s old and no longer relevant. littlescholarsnyc.com Printing in 170 gsm PVC poster paper might be the best way to go on about it, if you want to make sure your poster will be there for a long time and in good condition, however, the best one in terms of price-quality is the 135 gsm gloss poster, even though it’s ideal only when printing in larger quantities.

The Right Printing Shop

If you need to print a large number of posters, with excellent quality, picking up the right printing store is half the work. It’s better to lose some time looking for the right place than lose money on a poorly done job. Searching for projects done on their website or going directly to the shop and seeing their portfolio is the best way to check out their work quality, and it can be extremely helpful when in doubt.

Another thing to have in mind is looking out for the reputation and reviews of a service, as a lot of these shops already have a long reputation in the market, which will always make the customer feel more confident to try their service. Quick tip: a great way to judge any service, is to know how their customer service works. If a company gives its customers enough help and assistance for any problem they have, it creates a trustworthy relationship with the client, that can be very valuable.


One Last Tip

Like it was mentioned in the beginning, printing posters is still a great marketing tool, as well as a very relevant and popular one among brands. However, everyone wants their work to be flawless and able to catch as much attention as possible, but for that to happen it requires following some steps and rules to make it perfect. Of course creativity is a very important part of the job, but the more technical aspects should also be taken seriously, otherwise, it doesn’t matter if you come with the greatest idea of the year – if the printing comes out wrong, it won’t have the desired effect. When feeling lost and in doubt, re-read this article to make sure you don’t miss any important detail. Appreciate the time and good luck!

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