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5 Critical Reasons Why Strong Design is Essential to Building a Brand

5 Critical Reasons Why Strong Design is Essential to Building a Brand

Every successful business needs a brand people can rely on. Here are 5 critical reasons why strong design is essential to building a brand.

Oh boy, here we go again. Another business with a terrible brand design. You can be assured that they won't be attracting any new clients with that.

Building a brand is easily one of the most important aspects of any company, and strong design is at its center. If you don't take care of your design, you'll end up being about as popular as the business mentioned above.

Think about it. When people wonder about a business, they think about the design experience. How good or bad that experience is, affects how popular your business will become, And you want to be sure you're experience is the best.

Still need more convincing? Here's why your brand identity is super important - and why you need to really start paying it some attention.

Building a Brand Is Necessary to Please the General Public

Here's the thing. Most people in the world really don't know much of anything when it comes to business. They don't know (or care) about the big numbers, or server speeds, or the amount of time it took to build a responsive user interface.

They want something that looks pretty.

Of course, from your perspective that might sound simply ridiculous. After all, you placed a ton of time into making all of this happen, just for someone to worry more about neat themes than actual products. But that's just the way things go now.

That said, you shouldn't slack on your branding. In fact, the whole point of the design aspect of your company is to please the masses.

Take the time out to create a design that attracts the people and shows them what you're made of. You'll start seeing the numbers start to grow.

Your Logo Identifies Who You Are

The logo is only one aspect of company design. It's also the most important, hands down, and you should be worried about how it looks.

Your logo is the very thing that defines you. In fact, survey after countless survey shows that the majority of people remember a company by the logo before they remember the actual name.

With this in mind, you need to make sure your logo is one that stands out for everyone to remember.

The good thing is, the logo doesn't have to be anything super complex. In fact, sometimes the less complex the logo is, the better.

Take a look at the McDonald's arches. It's literally just two golden (or are they yellow?) arches placed side by side, yet such a simple logo is synonymous with fast food greatness.

Another logo to look at is the Nike swoosh. They legitimately just have a check with curves, but that logo represents the very best in athletic apparel.

Case and point: your logo means everything to your business. Give it some love, and it will return the love right back to you.

It Gives Your People Something to Rally Behind

Picture this: it's the year 1000 AD. Warriors line the fields, ready for battle. At first, they look confused, even afraid - and then the flag bearer shows up to the front of the line.

Your branding design is your company's flag.

When you have a solid design, it not only helps the people to recognize your business; it helps to give your employees a stronger sense of company pride, an image to rally under as they fight on the battleground that is the office.

This is about more than matching company Polo shirts or weekend business parties. Your branding shows unity and identity, and that can never be taken away from your workers.

In fact, recent studies show that when employees have a bold and beautiful design as the face of their company, and when that design is well-received by consumers, they're more likely to enjoy the place they work.

Not only that, but when your company has a good branding design, more people are willing to apply to work at your business - meaning more opportunity to grow.

This is all the more reason for you to think carefully about how well you design. If your logo is trash, your workers will feel like trash, and if you create an amazing logo, they'll feel amazing - and they will want to work harder as a result.

This idea spills over into your physical branding, like posters and card stock, as well.

Makes sense, right? Now go and rally your comrades, m'lord.

It Helps Your Patrons to Navigate Your Site

In case you didn't know this, branding design covers more than just the nuances of creating a logo. Good design also takes place in the form of site navigation, and believe us when we say this aspect of branding is super important.

How many times have you been on a website that has a crappy user interface? Unless you're a fan of bad design, you most likely didn't enjoy the experience and proceeded to never go back there again.

There's a very good chance you weren't alone. Most other viewers got equally as annoyed and left the site as well, and because of their poor design, they're most likely chilling at the back end of Google's search page.

Here's a hint: don't be like them.

A lot of thought has to go into your web design if you really want to impress the crowd, you need to show them that your business...means business.

As we've stated earlier, people these days like to have everything nice, simple, and attractive. In fact, most consumers relate an attractive website to the company know-how. The more attractive it is, the more they trust that company.

Make sure that this is reflected on your webpage by having a fresh and modern website design.

Of course, this space allows you to showcase the goods you have to your potential clients, but it's also your chance to show off a bit of yourself, too.

Since your site is an extension of your company, it reflects your company in much the same way that your logo does. Be functional, but be creative, showcase what your company can do, and win your potential buyers over.

Good Packaging Design Is for the Eyes

If your logo and your website weren't enough, you need to also worry about having a solid design on your packaging as well.

The way you brand your company extends past the office and into the actual delivery process - or more specifically, the way you deliver the look of your product to the customers.

There have been numerous studies conducted on how the packaging of a product affects the people's will to buy that product, and it's called the "eat with your eyes" concept.

Eat with Your Eyes

This concept states that the perception of buyers will change about a product simply because of the way that product looks on the outside. It's why people don't pick up a dented can on a store shelf, or choose an item because of the art.

When certain companies tested this concept, they changed the design of the product's exterior without changing the actual product itself. The result? People perceived the product to taste different and to have better quality than before.

What does this mean for you? That you should handle your packaging with care.

Even the slightest change to your package design - changing the font from Serif to Sans Serif, or adding a doodle behind the company name, for example - will mean the difference between attracting potential customers and scaring them off.

Think about how you want your business to be seen in the public eye. If you're an athletic company, you won't want to have a cute, bubbly design when you're trying to portray strength and determination.

Likewise, you don't want to have a graffiti design on your package when your business is selling high-end cutlery. Present yourself properly to the audience you're selling to, and your business will flourish.

All in all, it will definitely take time for you to come up with branding design worthy of your company name, but once you do, you'll see nothing but good things happen - and I think we can all admit that's worth the effort.

You Want Good Branding? We've Got Good Branding

Now you know how important building a brand actually is, and you know to start putting time into building your image ASAP. Wouldn't it be great if you knew a company that could help you do that?

Newsflash: we can help you with that.

At Print Peppermint, we know what it means to get creative, and we're more than happy to show you how. We make sure to give our customers the best in business design to promote them to the public and get them results.

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Have any comments or concerns that you need us to know about? Not a problem; we'd be happy to hear from you! Just reach out to us and we'll be sure to get back to you and answer any questions you happen to have.

Enjoy our site, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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