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5 Creative Newborn Photography Ideas to Capture the First Few Days

Having a baby is a blissful time for a family, and everyone is enjoying that newborn bubble when all is right with the world. Taking photos of newborn babies can be challenging because they can't pose or listen to instructions. They sleep a lot and when they're awake, they don't stay still. But at the same time, these moments of the baby's first days or weeks of life are a keepsake of a lifetime. When your baby grows up, you'll always have these photos to look back on and keep them close to your heart. Check out these newborn photography ideas to capture the first few days of your little bundle of joy.

1. Wrapped In A Blanket

Babies and soft, warm blankets go together and make for adorable photos. The photo studio may have their own blankets, but you're free to bring your own. If you want to create a theme, you can get patterned blankets. For example, if it's winter, you can get a blanket with snowflakes or Christmas ornaments. This photo-op makes for beautiful Christmas postcards.

2. Wide Awake

Though newborns sleep almost all the time, have the photographer capture the moments when your baby is awake. This is the best way to get the baby's cuteness, facial expression, and eye color in one shot. You can even catch the baby in a yawning pose or just as it's drifting off to sleep. While the baby is awake, place some keepsakes or props next to it to give the photo a theme.

3. Baby In a Basket

One of the most popular newborn picture ideas is of a baby in a basket. Newborns are tiny, so they'll easily fit in a picnic basket. Use some food props to make the photo seem like a real picnic or keep it simple and wrap the baby in a blanket and put a cute hat on. You can also put some seasonal elements in the picnic or around the photo. For example, if the baby was born in the spring, add some fresh flowers, seasonal fruits, or Easter eggs.

4. With Dad and Siblings

Newborn photography is all about celebrating a new life and growing your family. Besides a family photo, have each family member take a special photo with the baby. You'll have a family album that captures your family's closeness and love, and allow everyone to have a one-on-one moment with the baby.

5. In Your Palms

One of the most intimate newborn poses is with the baby in your arms or palms. The setting looks like you're holding a precious present, which your baby is. The focus would be on the baby's face or feet, depending on the pose. You can also hold your baby in your arms and have the photographer capture you both from the side.

Bonus: Baby Feet

Who doesn't like cute and chubby newborn baby feet? The photographer will capture them up close and from several angles so you can have a sweet memory of how tiny your baby once was. If the baby is asleep or sits still, you can try to capture its little palms as well, either placed on their tummy or their chest.

Capture Incredible Family Moments With These Newborn Photography Ideas

Though your baby can't stay a newborn forever, having photos from its first weeks of life is a wonderful way to remember this time. These photoshoot ideas will help you take incredible photos that you can cherish and keep forever. Want more newborn photography ideas? Head over to our blog where we post the best design and photo tips for creating memories of a lifetime.
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