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4 Business Card Ideas That Make a Good First Impression

4 Business Card Ideas That Make a Good First Impression

You want your business card to make the right impression. But your search for good business card ideas hasn't turned up any useful results. Don't worry, we have your back. Check out these 4 super creative business card ideas!

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The boom in digital has not taken away the importance of the good old business card. Your business card is still the first impression you make. It might be what makes a lead decide whether or not to check your website or social media -which they should find on the card. If you want business card ideas that make a lasting positive impression, we have your back. Read on for 4 creative ideas for business cards!

The Importance of the Business Card

Your business card is one of the best, most cost-effective tools for marketing. It projects your brand image and is often the first impression you give of your business. It's your first opportunity to leave a strong impression. Don't make it the last! Your business card helps leads remember you, and get in touch with you when they need to. Poor design, tiny font, or missing contact details might mean they don't bother. Check out our 4 ideas for business card designs that leave a great impression.

4 Business Card Ideas to Make a Good First Impression

When it comes to ordering business cards, there's a world of options. Make sure you choose something original and creative. Check out these 4 ideas to make your card stand out from the crowd.

1. Rounded Edges

Rounded edges and other creative card shapes make for a card that stands out against a hundred bland, rectangular cards. You can also use mini cards, or square-cut cards for the same effect. Sell your innovation, starting with an innovatively-shaped business card!

2. Eye-catching Design

Think hot foil, cold foil or special finishes. When the metallic foil on your card catches the light, it catches your prospects' attention, too. We can print these in full color on both sides before we stamp them with hot foil. Don't be afraid of a little white space, as too much text can be overwhelming. Go for lean, critical details, leaving room for metal design flourishes.

3. Marry Business with Design

If your business is creative, your card should be too. If you run a childcare center, go for bright colors. If you fix computers or create coding, go for a futuristic computer-like text. Think about your product or service, and make sure your card reflects it in its design.

4. Use Card as Catalogue

Why have one design, when you can have many? Consider using your cards as a catalog of your products. Do this by having 5 or so different product pics on the back. Scatter them randomly through your card deck. If you are a photographer, use a collection of your most impactful pics. If you sell clothing, put some pics of your best fashion shoots on the back. You get the idea.

Time to Order Business Cards

Now that you know how critical business cards are, you want to make yours count. A boring or poor design on a business card makes a follow-up contact far less likely. Make sure you have the sort of cards that get you a call-back. At Print Peppermint, we are refreshingly creative. Follow our business card ideas above, or find the perfect one for you by ordering a sample pack today!
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