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3D Animator Resume Example & Writing Tips for 2021


3D animation is a thriving career. Any job searcher in the animation industry needs to be ready for competition. How to stand out? You know the answer – a good resume.

To get yourself noticed by a potential employer, you need to work on your resume writing skills. The resume must present you as a competent and knowledgeable candidate with an admirable skill-set. That’s the kind of person who is worthy of an interview.

Do you want to move past unsuccessful job applications? Then, consider these tips when writing your resume. The provided examples can help you get inspired and snatch some useful resume ideas.

Start with a Resume Summary

A resume summary should provide a general introduction. It gives the recruiters a sense of who you are and how you can contribute to their project.


In this short segment, present yourself in a few sentences (2-4 sentences). Concisely describe your experience, biggest accomplishments, strengths, and career goals. Be specific about your successes as they will testify to your qualifications for 3D animation.

If you excel in certain segments such as interactive graphics or video games, let it be known. Make yourself memorable and special by mentioning key skills and achievements in your career.

Writing skills are most needed for this segment. You need to make a powerful impression to grab the recruiter’s attention. If you are insecure about your way with words, look at here to find some high-quality content examples. Reading quality content will inspire quality writing.



Experienced and hard-working 3D Animator with 5+ years of experience in 3D animations for video games and electronic media. Developed 11 high-resolution, unique characters, including human characters and animals. Adept in hand-drawn character creations prior to animation technologies. Professional goal: seeking new creative 3D animation challenges.

Share Relevant Work Experience


The next section should address your previous work experience. Keep this list relevant – meaning that you should solely include experience related to 3D animation.

Write down your former jobs in reverse chronological order. Your latest job is probably the most challenging one which will emphasize your expertise.

If you fear that your experience is scarce, remember that you can list your freelance work, internships, or the work you did in the animation club at college. Surface whatever can seem useful for this job.

Try to mention 4-6 responsibilities and achievements per each work experience. You don’t want to overwhelm the recruiters with meaningless responsibilities.

Pro tip: Use action verbs. They will strengthen the sense of your abilities and signal how you can contribute to the company. Some action verbs related to the 3D animation job are:

  • Animated
  • Created
  • Designed
  • Developed
  • Executed
  • Implemented
  • Sketched



September 2016 – February 2021, 3D Artist, Green Studios, New York

  • Developed characters and game effects through illustrations and sketches.
  • Designed action movements by applying knowledge of physics and human mechanics.
  • Manipulated color, texture, transparency, shadow, and light to convey motion.
  • Designed highly-detailed polygonal models in 3D Maxm Maya, and Modo.
  • Collaborated with video editors to test out animations.

List Your Education


A general requirement for a 3D Animator position is a Bachelor’s Degree in Animation, Computer Graphics, Game Design, Fine Arts, or Interactive Media. You need to clarify your credentials with a list of your degrees and certifications.

If you are an entry-level candidate, you can include extra training, awards, or relevant coursework related to animation. Bear in mind that your employers are interested in higher education so feel free to omit the information on high-school or irrelevant courses.



  • BFA in Animation and Visual Effects

Academy of Art University, San Francisco

2011 – 2015

  • Game Design and Production Course

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE)


State Relevant Skills


It’s important that your skills match those mentioned in the job listing. Therefore, before you decide what to write, go to the job description and pay attention to the requirements.

The goal is to prove your expertise through hard skills and showcase your agreeable personality through soft skills.

In terms of hard skills, focus on powerful and valuable skills like technical drawing and design skills. Get specific when it comes to computer software and note whether you know Animaker, K-3D, Adobe Creative Suite, etc.

Soft skills are important for smooth collaboration and communication with colleagues and clients. Highlight skills that will present you as the ideal coworker and employer.



  • Animaker
  • Blender
  • Technical drawing
  • Character development
  • Complex graphics and animation
  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication skills
  • Organization skills

Presenting a portfolio for a position like this can very useful. Let your work speak for your capabilities. Include a small section in the resume where you’ll provide a link to your portfolio. It is recommendable that you share your best work only.

Use Bit.ly to make to shorten the link. This will make it more presentable and memorable. Even if the recruiters can’t copy the link for some reason, they’ll have no problem with typing it out.




Pay Attention to Visual Aspect of the Resume

Your work demands that you are good in design and visual aesthetics. The resume should reflect that. If you can’t put together a resume that is pleasant for the eye, you won’t be sending a good message.

There’s no need for any crazy layouts and effects. Simply ensure that the template is readable, appealing, and easy to skim. The recruiter should spot the information they need within a single second.

Stick with clean lines and basic design. This is the bulletproof choice for putting the spotlight on what matters – you.


Here's a sample of a simple yet effective resume template.


Wrapping Up

Writing a winning resume for the 3D Animator position is a challenge. There is so much you want to say to convince the recruiters to give you the job. However, you need to be concise in order for them not to get bored right away.

What these tips will do for you is provide you guidance. Follow these steps and you'll find the path to an excellent resume. If it helps, you can browse the internet for more resume examples to see how you've fellow 3D Animators have done it.

Good luck and may the resume you create next lead you to the job of your dreams!

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