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3 Creative Business Card Ideas for Writers

Professionals from many fields use business cards to increase their network and connect to new clients, future employers, or potential business partners.

Writers are no exception, especially those, who work as freelancers. Business cards for freelance writers can be a great source of new clients and valuable connections, which later can result in profitable long-term projects.

Are Business Cards a Worthy Investment?

Fair question.

With so many other ways to get yourself noticed, from social media platforms to writer portfolios, business cards may seem like a waste of money.

In reality, however, business cards have great potential for boosting sales. According to the statistics, sales can increase by 2.5% for every 2000 cards that you hand out

What does this mean for writers?

The indicated increase in sales means that the product or service gets noticed more. Since writers provide a service, having professional business cards can work for them as well in terms of growing their network and making their services more popular.

However, the key secret is in the design of a business card.

Poor design can be one of the reasons why a credit card is tossed away. You’d be surprised, but 88% of all business cards are thrown away within a week after they’ve been handed out. A well-designed business card can motivate people to stick on to them, and consider your writing services above others when they have the need.

To help you design your own business card, we came up with 5 creative business card ideas for writers that will help you stand out as a professional.

1. The ‘Typewriter’ Business Card with a Modern Twist

You may imagine that the traditional business cards for writers have the image of a pen or a book on them. However, the most common image that appears on the business cards of writers is the typewriter.

If you choose this design for your business card as well, you need to add a few elements to help it stand out. One of such elements can be a QR code, which will redirect your potential client to your online writer’s portfolio or your LinkedIn profile.

Here’s an example of a similar writer’s business card with a QR code on the back:

Print Online Best Print Best %title% Online
Print Online Best Print Best %title% Online

Having a QR code on your business card is a great space saver. You don’t have to add a lot of additional links, which your potential client will later have to enter manually. Instead, they can just scan the code and connect with you faster.

Including a QR code is also a great tip for the minimalistic design. Minimalism is a popular approach to design right now, and business cards are no exception. “When designed in minimalism, a message is clearer and easier to grasp, which makes this design perfect for business cards,” says Diana Adjadj, a graphic designer at TrustMyPaper and GrabMyEssay.

So, if you’re into more subtle designs for your business card, opt for a minimalistic approach with a modern twist, like a QR code that contains a link to your online writer’s portfolio.

2. ‘Keep Calm and Hire a Writer’ Business Card

If you want to shift from more traditional business card designs, a good idea is to take famous quotes or design concepts and apply them to your services.

Take, for instance, the famous “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster. Although the poster was created by Great Britain during World War II, it is still common today and is used for different purposes, from T-Shirt prints to brand logos. You can also use it for your business card design.

Here’s an idea of how it can look like (we made the business card vertical to preserve the original idea of a poster):

Print Online Best Print Best %title% Online

Print Online Best Print Best %title% Online

Here, you can also add a QR code to your online writer’s profile as well as a short bio to let your potential clients know what you specialize in.

Using famous designs like this is a great idea to attract attention to you as a professional. Besides, for a person, who’s working in a creative field, such a business card can become a signature branding tool.

3. ‘The Creation of a Typewriter’ Humorous Business Card

In terms of creativity, you can take your business card design one step further and use popular memes to create a humorous accent on your business card.

Implementing humorous elements on your business card is not a sign of unprofessionalism. “Even in business, humor, when applied appropriately, is a sign of creativity,” says Estelle Leotard, a marketing specialist at Studicus and BestEssay.Education. Besides, for a professional writer, such a business card is also a good branding tool, which will help you stand out.

To illustrate, what we mean, we designed a draft of a business card using Michelangelo’s famous painting ‘The Creation of Adam’, which is also a popular meme and has been reused many times by internet users.

Print Online Best business cards for writers
Print Online Best Print Best %title% Online

We replaced Adam with a typewriter, indicating that this object, as well as its main function, has a divine purpose.

This is how a viral online trend can become an inspiration for something as simple as a business card. As a writer, you can incorporate many humorous ideas into your business card, add jokes, or a humorous bio.

It is important, however, to keep it professional. Try to keep humorous elements in your business card as neutral as possible, avoid polarizing topics and controversial jokes.

Wrapping Up

As a writer, your work in a creative field, and that’s why you have all the excuses to be as creative as you can. Don’t be afraid to include even the boldest ideas in your business card, as they are the key to helping you stand out as a professional and as a creator.

We recommend you to follow viral online trends for inspiration. Two of our examples in this article are based on online trends, and you can also relate to them and connect them to your writing career.

However, don’t forget about the general rules for creating business cards. It should contain all your essential contact information as well as a link to your online profile, which you can add as a QR code to save space.

The goal of your business card is to make you accessible as a professional writer. Hopefully, our ideas will help you create a business card that will become one of your strongest branding tools.

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