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2020 Technology Trends That Will Change Our Lives Forever

Craving to stay competitive, boost revenue, build a brand and trust, enhance customer experience, you need to be digital-savvy. In this article, we’ll review 5 technology trends 2020 that will change our lives and businesses soon. Ready or not, the tech revolution is here. So, let's overlook the top requested solutions that are to be implemented into your project in 2020.

5 Top Tech Trends to Watch in 2020

Technologies evolve rapidly. Presently, lots of breakthrough techs, tools, and solutions are on offer. It’s a challenge to keep on track all changes and innovations. Here we are with our list of five emerging technologies to watch in 2020. So, if you want to know which technologies you should focus on and invest in to be more productive, effective and successful, then just keep going!

A complete mobile experience

Presently, an adaptive version of your product is not a recommendation anymore but a must-have. Leverage mobile marketing to meet your consumers' demands. You’d check up on the responsive part of the product. It’s to be high quality, easy-to-use, and good looking no matter what gadget is used. It’s vital for improving customer experience.

That’s why you need to think about the adaptive design or development of a native mobile application in advance. Mind that it’s crucial to use the visual content of the highest quality. You couldn’t create a captivating website and/or application without HD images, animation, videos, and other graphic design added.

Thus, using an animation creator like Crello the task becomes much easier than it seems at first sight. For instance, this tool provides you with 8,000+ animated designs and motion graphics, 500,000+ premium images, 25,000+ ready templates, and other visuals that can be used.

Artificial Intelligence as a Service

AIaaS is an agile solution that you should take into account when designing your business plan for 2020. Just imagine, it’s expected that the total global revenue for the technology will be about $118.6 billion in 2025. Building the tool in your project, you receive a range of advantages like:

  • ability to outsource tasks;
  • higher productivity;
  • extreme accuracy;
  • efficiency.

Being a third-party offering of AI outsourcing, you receive all the benefits of the solution without extra costs required and lower risk involved.


The high technologies affected all the aspects of our life: education, healthcare, shopping, work, rest, and entertainment. Thanks to the innovative solutions everything is simplified and improved. Anyway, the crimes, threats, hackers moved to a new level as well. That’s the very reason to think about security and protection.

Presently, online banking, cloud-based apps, telemedicine programs, and уму websites collect tons of private and sometimes sensitive data. It’s critical to protect all the personal information from stealing, misuse, and other frauds. Cybersecurity tools along with various advanced solutions like blockchain are your rescue in this case. Build the tools in your product to not to allow for DDoS attacks and/or the data leak.

Data analytics

Being focused on the improvement of the user experience, gathering and analyzing customer data is a crucial aspect. Thus, you'd collect information about your users to learn them to personalize offers and services.

The analysis is an essential issue to be conducted. Yet, it can be a true challenge to do that accurately and correctly without the help of the right solution. It’s such a relief that nowadays there are lots of cloud-based cognitive services and sophisticated tools adopted to use for the purpose. Therefore, you can achieve the determined goals faster and more efficiently.

HR technology

Though the rapid evolution of the technologies and digitizing of the services, humans are still required to do the bulk of the job. And the success or failure of your company depends on your team a lot. However, due to the high technologies, the process of the search for the perfect hire becomes simpler and more efficient.

That’s why Human Resource software solutions are a must-have as well. The tools provide you with real-time data that are critical for decision-making as well as create a better overall experience for staff. Such HR technologies are bound to help you with the following issues:

  • Recruitment and hiring;
  • onboarding process;
  • further engagement of employees;
  • ongoing training of the staff.

HRMS, HRIS, and HCM are a few systems available on the marketplace. There are lots of apps available. Estimate the key features to meet your company's needs to make the right choice of solution.

Final Thoughts

Certainly, these 5 top technology trends described above are key but hardly the only to focus on in 2020. Multi-cloud, chatbots, 5G, blockchain alongside the other solutions are also worthy of your attention and investments. Digital transformation is crucial for you in case your goal is to be competitive, efficient and productive.

Don’t forget to estimate the key features required for your business aims and for your employees to enhance their capabilities, improve work, solve certain tasks, and just achieve the determined goal.

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