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15 Great Places to Hang Flyers for Your Business

15 Best Places to Hang Flyers for Your Business

You ordered a bunch of flyers for your business. Now, where do you hang them? Read on to learn the best places to hang flyers for your business.

It's one thing to design an amazing flyer for your business and another to display it in a place where it's going to create the brand exposure you're hoping for. If you don't put your flyers in the right places, you've basically just wasted a bunch of time in the design and ordering process. 

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Placement is what makes people pay attention. It's the difference between someone having an interesting, memorable experience with your brand versus walking right by the flyer you've worked so hard to make. 

If you're not sure what to do with your flyers now that they're ready to go out, good news - you've come to the right place for guidance. Here are some of the best places to hang flyers for your print marketing campaign! 

1. Parks 

Most parks have community boards or announcement stands in them. This is a great opportunity to reach people of all ages, considering everyone from high school teenagers to elderly outdoors lovers go to parks. 

Plus, a park's community board usually has some sort of cover on it to keep your flyer from flying away or being damaged by the weather. Such protection allows your brand to gain even more exposure over time. 

2. Coffee Shops 

If you live in a particularly windy or rainy area, it may be best to keep your flyers inside altogether. One of the smartest indoor locations you can hang a flyer is a coffee shop.

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Most coffee shops have a bulletin board inside where people can hang flyers and business cards of all kinds. These are usually somewhere near the register or hanging above the area where people can fix their coffee. 

However, be sure you talk to the owner or manager of a coffee shop before you walk right up and pin your flyer to their board. This is a good rule of thumb to follow with all businesses. 

3. Supermarkets 

Another location worth hanging your flyer is a supermarket. Think of how many people in your local area go to the same grocery store every time they need something, and how often they go, too!

This gives you a great opportunity to build not just brand exposure, but brand awareness and loyalty. The more a consumer sees your business flyer as they go in and out of their go-to grocery store, the more attention they'll start to give your brand as they notice it in other places.  

4. Fitness Centers 

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Up next on the list is fitness centers. You may be able to hang your flyer in the entrance of a fitness center as well as in the locker rooms. This depends on how big the gym is and what kind of rules they have about advertising. 

Still, it's worth taking the time to go into the fitness centers in your area and seeing what kind of opportunities are available. Keep in mind you can also hang your business flyers in boutique fitness centers like CrossFit gyms, yoga studios, and cycle studios in addition to traditional gyms.  

5. Beauty Parlors 

The term "beauty parlor" refers to anything from a barbershop, hair salon, nail salon, and waxing center. The trick to hanging your flyers in these locations is to understand your target market. 

It makes no sense to hang your flyers in a men's barbershop if your primary market is made up of mostly women. Similarly, you have to think of the level of income and lifestyle habits of consumers when choosing between putting your flyer in an average beauty business versus a high-end, sophisticated location.

6. Restaurants 

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Not all restaurants are going to let you advertise your business on their grounds. But, the ones that do typically have a local-oriented feel to them, which is good for building trust with your audience.

Restaurants that encourage community boards and support other businesses are well-known supporters of their local area. They're the kind of places that address their regulars by name and try to be as welcoming as possible when the place is packed. This makes consumers feel appreciated and valued, and when they see your flyer in such a setting, they'll start to associate those feelings with your brand.

7. Bus Stops

This is one of the best places to hang flyers on the entire list. 

When people are at a bus stop, they don't have much to do. They'll look for anything that gives them a bit of entertainment as they wait for their bus to come along. If they happen to see your flyer, they're likely to read everything your advertisement has to say and they may even look up your business on their phone.

8. Libraries

Still have plenty of flyers to go around? Head over to your public library and count how many bulletin boards they have. Then, decide whether or not you'd like to put a flyer on each one or to be a little more strategic about where they go. 

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Either way, don't overlook this amazing print marketing opportunity.

This can be an especially smart placement if you're trying to target college students. Go to the local university's library and put your fliers there instead of in the local, government-operated library. Or, put your flyers up in both!

9. Religious Centers

Sometimes, the best way to reach your primary market is to be as specific as you can be. Getting as detailed as the kind of religion they follow can help you stand out against competitors. When you go this far to reach your audience, you're telling them that you've done your research and that your values align with theirs. 

That's huge for any consumer no matter what they believe or what you sell. You just have to be sure you get the message across by defining your audience with as much detail as possible. 

10. Community Centers

Community centers are kind of like religious centers, except that they're non-denominational and that they typically are multifunctional spaces. A community center may be where people go for fitness and wellness purposes, to play games and gather in special events, or for educational purposes. 

The best way to get a good response out of such a space is to place your flyers in an area of the community center will everyone will see them. This helps you reach all the various kinds of people who come through the doors.

11. Chambers of Commerce

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A chamber of commerce is a great place to hang flyers if you're trying to reach B2B consumers. Think of all the business owners and entrepreneurs that find themselves in the local chamber of commerce for private meetings and special events. 

When they see your flyers as they come and go, they're more likely to recognize your business in other places. This will build their interest until they can't help but reach out and connect.

12. Banks and Credit Unions 

You may have a few obstacles to get over when trying to hang flyers in your local chamber of commerce. It's best to know all the rules they have about this matter before you put your flyer up. 

Banks and credit unions may also have a few questions to ask before they give you the "okay" to put your flyer anywhere. Such institutions need to be careful not to offend any of their consumers or to suggest they're taking a political stance on something. 

Still, these are locations worth reaching out and presenting your flyer to.

13. Street Signs

Although it's smart to take the time to talk about hanging flyers in some private areas, it's also a good idea to put flyers on public street signs.

This is especially smart in largely populated urban centers where people tend to walk from place to place or bike. They're more likely to notice your flyers than those who are driving by.

14. Mailboxes 

Keep in mind that you can be direct with your flyers if you'd like. Instead of placing them in areas where many people will see them, consider going around neighborhoods and apartment complexes to place flyers inside of each individual mailbox. 

This allows you to make a more personal connection with your audience. People won't be able to just ignore the flyer they have in their mailbox. They'll have to look at it and see what it has to say.

15. Newspapers and Bulletins

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The final place to put your freshly-printed business flyers is as inserts in newspapers and bulletins. This allows you to catch consumers off guard, which can work well in your favor. The element of surprise makes the interaction they have with your flyer more memorable.

Plus, if they're reading their favorite magazine or newspaper, they're more likely to stop and see what your flyer has to say out of trust for the publication it's placed inside of. 

The Best Places to Hang Flyers for Events

There's a big difference between hanging flyers that aren't time sensitive as opposed to those that have been created for a special event.

You need to target your campaign a little more when determining the best places to hang flyers for events. This will give you the exposure you need to generate before the day-of-event, and it helps you increase attendance as a whole. 

Keep this in mind as you go through all the options on the list above, and try to see if there are any other locations you can come up with, too. For help designing your next event's flyer, click here

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