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15 Free Graphic Design Resources to Make Your Project Pop

15 Free Graphic Design Resources to Make Your Project Pop

Successful graphic design requires having the right tools at your disposal. Here are 15 graphic design resources that will take your project to the next level.

Quality graphics design can boost company performance by 200%.

It is no surprise that graphic designers are sought after by businesses. But we are creatives and are sometimes starved of inspiration, or just don't have the right tools for the job. When this is the case, you need quality resources at your fingertips, but finding quality can sometimes be difficult!

Don't worry, we have you covered. Read on for our list of 15 graphic design resources that will take your project to the next level.

1. Pixeden

If you're in search of a variety of different free graphics and web resources in one place, why not try Pixeden? It's one place that has a little slice of everything.

It has a variety of completely free graphic design and web templates, vectors, and icons. You can search for keywords using the search bar. Or you can use the 'free' tab to browse all free resources.

If you like what you find, there is a premium option for access to more resources.

2. StockSnap

StockSnap is an online stock image archive with a vast number of images at your fingertips. And it's all free!

Every week, hundreds of new high-resolution images are added to the gallery. With so much choice, you'll be sure to find something for every project. The images are all free from copyright restrictions.

You can search the gallery by selecting one of the popular searches which will show you trending pictures. Or if you can use the search bar to search for a specific keyword.

3. Death to the Stock Photo

If you're looking for your work to have a more unique feel, and you want to move away from those cheesy stock images then look no further. Death to the Stock Photo is the tool for you. You won't find anything overused here!

This versatile image source is premium accessible but you can sign up to their mailing list. This will provide you with free photos via email each month. You'll soon have your own library of stock images and may just find a bit of inspiration.

4. FreePik

FreePik is a free PSD, vector, icon, and photo source. With a huge collection to browse, you can search for specific keywords. If you are just hunting for general inspiration, you can browse their most recently added or most popular images.

Depending on the rights associated with each image, some will have a stipulation that you must give credit for using them. Make sure you read the small print carefully before using them.

5. SplitShire

The vast majority of photographs, even professional photographs, disappear into oblivion. Daniel Nanescu set out to avoid that for his work, and it is safe to say that SplitShire has managed to achieve just that.

With just under 1000 photos in its library, Splitshire is far from the largest image repository. But every single image is of the highest quality, meticulously categorized, and free for commercial use. Finding the perfect image for your own use is a breeze.

With over 6 million views and 2 million downloads, Daniel's portfolio is a valuable resource.

6. Sketch App Sources

Sketch App Sources can provide Sketch resources straight to your inbox. This free resource allows you to download free wireframes, icons, form, logos, and buttons.

You can sign up to get alerts for any new additions to the design resources. This means you can use this wonderfully put together resource to its full advantage. There are also premium resources if you find you like what you see.

7. Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot is another source that has a whole variety of different assets. You will be able to get free access to things like photos, mockups, vectors, and wireframes.

It has a particularly great range of downloadable icons for free. This includes access to animated elements. These resources will add flair to your designs and really make them come alive!

It also has a great range of fonts with a whole host of different looks and varieties to choose from. It's simple to use, you only need to browse the 'freebies' tab for access to all the free resources available!

8. FontShop

Whether you're just getting started or you're a seasoned designer, FontShop is a great free resource to make use off. It has an A-Z glossary of the terms relating to fonts and gives them an explanatory and clear definition. It also has an FAQ section that should cover a wide variety of common questions and issues.

It is also a handy guide for learning how to search for the fonts you want. With its free to use font tryout, you can also try out fonts before you commit. You can see how they will come out and go with the content you need it for.

9. Typewolf

The sole purpose of this site was to create a resource for the very best typography assets. It's easy to use too, making it simple to find the perfect font you're looking for.

The site offers recommended fonts as well as in interesting site of the day feature. There are also lists summing up types of fonts, as well as guides and resources about typography.

The website even offers a catalog showing where the different fonts are used. This helps you get a feel for the font and what they will look like, online or in print.

10. FreeTypography

As the name suggests, this easy to use website provides free typography. It is easy to search the content and offers a trending fonts section so you can see what styles are hot right now.

FreeTypography also offers an insightful interview section. There you can find interviews with designers from around the world. Not only will you learn more about the industry, but also you'll find great advice on how you can succeed too!


Photoshop Sketch Design Develop Discover (PSDDD for short) was set up in 2012. Recognizing a need within the mobile app and web design community, they host all the tools needed to tackle a job quickly and professionally.

If you work mostly in Photoshop, this is the resource for you. All of their content is high quality and can save even the fastest worker a lot of time. Just make sure you know how to correctly use a template. They host files including:

  • Web & Mobile UI Kits
  • Wireframe Templates
  • UX and Styleguide Templates
  • Icon Sets, Fonts
  • Mockup Templates

12. Adobe Color CC

You know all about color theory. How to create an emotional reaction and what colors work well together. But sometimes inspiration doesn't come. That is where Adobe Color CC comes in.

Just one of Adobe's free design resources, Adobe Color CC lets you import any image to generate a color scheme. You can also use the Color Wheel to generate themes from a seed color.

Thanks to the tools integration with Adobe's other services, your themes are saved to the Creative Cloud Libraries. This allows you to access them on your computer or mobile devices. Or, for collaborative projects, share them with your team

13. Niice

A modern graphic artist will very rarely have the time to sit down and make physical mood boards. Thankfully, Niice came along to provide a solution for the 21st century. They provide a private inspiration space for when you are running low on ideas. There is also an app available so you can access your mood boards when you are away from the desk.

Niice provides you with 5 boards and exports, 50 image uploads and slack integration for free. This is more than enough to get started. If you find yourself in need of more boards or space, a pro account allows for unlimited access for a small monthly fee.

14. Freebiesbug

Freebiesbug is another one-stop resources shop. They hold resources for Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch. Their selection of mock-ups is outstanding, allowing you to focus your time actually producing content, rather than working on an internal presentation. In addition to this, they really stand out thanks to their HTML website templates. These are perfect for getting you started on a web project without having to spend time starting everything from scratch.

15. Behance

Behance is Adobe's platform for artists and designers to showcase their design, photography, and illustration. With a filter system that is second to none, you can easily find what you are after, categorized by theme, color, tools used, and much more. Many artists have uploaded free resources for you to use, including fonts and mockups. Just be sure to check the usage rights on items before you make use of them.

Whether you are looking for inspiration or resources to use yourself, you will find it at Behance. And more besides.

Free Graphic Design Resources

As you can see, there are a lot of free graphic design resources that you can make use of.

Whether you need stock images, templates or fonts, these 15 resources have you covered. And there are even more free resources out there!

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