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15 Brands Lost in Translation - Epic Brand Fails

Know your Market

15 Brands Lost in Translation:
When it comes to expanding a brand into new countries, it can be easy to underestimate the importance of knowing the culture of the market you are moving into, and one of the most important cultural factors is understanding their language.

Do Your Homework

It might sound simple, but language barriers can cause chaos to new marketing campaigns if they aren’t carefully considered beforehand, and some of these brands have found out the hard way that it’s not always as simple as just translating their original brand slogan.

Brands Lost in Translation

To illustrate our point, we’ve put together some of the most disastrous examples of branding that got seriously lost in translation. From KFC inviting you to ‘eat your fingers off’ to Parker Pens reassuring their customers that their pens ‘won’t leak in your pocket and make you pregnant’, you won’t believe how wrong some of these huge brands got it.

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