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14 Best Places to Buy Painted Edge Business Cards Online Compared

If you want the best painted edge business cards for your professional activities, it won’t take you a long time to find dozens of providers online. Print-on-demand services have made this industry one where everybody thinks they can create a side hustle by offering this product.

Some companies are willing to settle for the cheapest product possible when they want colored edge business cards. There’s nothing wrong with that approach. Almost everyone has been in a place where affordability was the top priority for their needs.

When you want a guaranteed outcome from your investment, it is essential to remove the pretenders from the contenders. Online printers come in many different shapes, sizes, and names, but none of those qualities directly impact what you receive after placing an order. These providers are the best ones that you can find on the Internet today.

List of the Best Providers of Painted Edge Business Cards

Are you ready to place your next order for painted edge business cards? Then this list of online providers can meet your needs today.

1. Print Peppermint

Over 10,000 creative companies trust this business card provider to create something refreshingly unique for their brands. You’ll discover a variety of choices available, including painted edge business cards that use 32-point, double-thick uncoated bright white paper. You get to choose different size options and from over 15 different colors. You can choose from a metallic edge or one that uses standard ink.

This online printer uses the uncoated cardstock in this way to create a softer or lighter design. The highly-absorbent paper works well with the edge printing process so that bleeding is minimal – if it even occurs at all. That means your final product will be thicker than a credit card, and the turnaround time is two to four business days.

You can discover all of your available options at Print Peppermint by visiting their website.

2. 4 Over 4

This online business card printer begins by using a 32-point uncoated paper as the base of your new product. You can upload an original file to their website to include the graphics on the final product. Then the entire edge gets painted from a variety of radiant hues that will make the edges of your new marketing materials pop. A total of 14 different color varieties, including metallic options, are available.

You can create a custom PMS or CMYK color if you don’t find an exact match to your branding. Once everything gets put together, you’ll receive a free online proof of your new business card for approval. The final product is ready in about five business days.

If you’d like to explore more of what 4 Over 4 offers in their 20+ years of experience, their website has a full selection of products to review.

3. JakPrints

You can choose from over 20 standard colors when you work with this online printer for your painted edge business cards. You’re also in control of what cardstock gets used for your marketing materials, although the company “strongly” recommends using their 32-point option. Then you can choose a circle, rectangle, or custom design to go through the edge-printing process.

You’ll want to ensure that you choose the “email proof” option when placing an order. It defaults to the “no proof” option, which means you won’t get the opportunity to review the product before printing. The printer offers an artwork guarantee within one business day. Your turnaround time after approval is 11 business days.

You can find about more about the colored edge business cards from JakPrints by visiting their website.

4. Jukebox

When affordability is a top priority, then you might want to give this online printer a look. Your minimum order can be as low as 50 business cards, and then you can select from a stock size that ranges from 16-point to 22-point for your marketing materials. When you choose your edge finishing, you can pock foil, fluorescent, or metallic in addition to a custom CMYK experience. Your turnaround time is six business days, but there are also rush options available for an extra charge.

If you don’t want an uncoated stock business card, which the printer offers at the 17-point thickness only, then a silk matte choice is your option. You can coordinate the CMYK color to match your branding, but there isn’t a 100% guarantee on the final product. You can review all of the available options through the FAQ choices on their ordering page.

You can also choose from wood, cork, or linen business cards if you want to step away from the idea of a painted edge.

5. 48-Hour Print

This online printer offers the standard painted edge business card ordering experience. You can choose from solid or metallic colors for the edges on 32-point uncoated cardstock. Several templates are available on the website for your design, including a vertical option. That option gives you the choice of designing your marketing materials offline or using the printer’s online drag-and-drop designer.

Pricing is competitive with the other online printers on this list if you choose a blank back and can use a promotional discount. The printing turnaround time is six business days, and you have the option to pick up your colored edge business cards for free if you live near Van Nuys, CA. Shipping costs are based on where you live. If you want to save your configuration while shopping around for a better deal, then it could be worth exploring how this provider could meet your needs.

6. Print Place

The painted edge business card design is the perfect option for a company that wants to enjoy their branding with a splash of peripheral color. Using the 32-point cardstock speaks of corporate strength while the hues on the edge of the card can communicate playfulness or sophistication. You’ll receive all of the basics from this online printer when you want this design for your marketing materials today.

You can choose a 2.5-inch square business card in addition to the standard designs with this online printer. The turnaround time for the order is a minimum of seven business days, but you do receive templates that can help with the design process. You’ll find a complete list of instructions that must be followed to achieve a positive outcome. No proof approval appears to be available if you go in this direction.

7. Print Runner

You’ll discover that the ordering process with this online printer is similar to the other businesses on this list. You can choose from three popular sizes, use 32-point uncoated cardstock, and choose from a variety of colors. There are fewer color choices with this provider, with only eight selections available from the CMYK spectrum. You can add metallics to those hues if you want something unique, although the provider suggests that a “white, unpainted edge offers a sleek, minimalistic, and ultra-luxe feel.”

The turnaround time is six business days. You do have the option to checkout immediately to secure the price offered before uploading your logo. Orders are for either 250 or 500 painted edge cards. If you need your marketing materials faster, then other designs have a turnaround time of 1-2 business days.

8. Moo

This online printer specializes in providing its customers with luxury business cards with affordable pricing. They use naturally-textured Mohawk Superfine 32-point uncoated paper to give you a favorable outcome. Your seam color choices are limited to eight hues, but you can also receive discount pricing if you order in a quantity of 200 or more. Moo also offers first-time customers a free shipping option.

If you’re in a hurry, this online printer is one of the few that can offer a turnaround as fast as one business day if you choose a black or white seam. The other hues are available in as little as two business days.

9. PrimoPrint

If you don’t have the time to design your business cards, this online printer offers a service that will do the work for you for $100. You can then choose from a variety of sizes and color combinations to create the perfect look for your brand. You can choose from nine different standard hues when you select the painted edge option. There is the option to use a pearlescent color if you prefer.

You don’t have the option to choose rounded corners with these colored edge business cards. Their application process involves spraying your preferred color in layers, which means there can be slight variances in what you receive upon delivery. That also means it you can’t get a specific color build if that’s what you need for your marketing materials.

10. GotPrint

Instead of using thick cardstock to create an edge-painted look, this online printer uses triple-layered cards to create the final look. This option reduces the risk of a potential bleed, but it also creates a striped edge instead of a solid color. You have the choice between a “Kanvas” or “Soft Touch Velvet” finish, and five different hues are available for the edge coloration.

This process can give you a thicker, 38-point business card than most providers offer with their triple-layer approach. You also have the option to have rounded corners if you choose their Trifecta Green design. That means the durability of the final product is excellent if you don’t mind a compromise on the full painted edge with your company’s information.

11. Staples

If you choose this business card printer, then your marketing materials can get sent to you on the same day. When you have a physical location in your community, same-day pickup is also a possibility. You’ll discover that the online card creator is one of the easiest to use on this list, and you can choose an existing design from cloud storage to upload. If you want a painted edge option, then you must incorporate it into your design or select a template that offers this choice.

Most of the template choices for an ultra-thick business card don’t include same-day services. Executive products are a delivery-only option, and you receive full color on only one side of the product.

12. Clubcard Printing

You’ll want to choose the Letterpress business card selection from this online printer to take benefit of the classic painted edge look. The advantage of going in this direction is that you can choose from a variety of premium-grade cardstocks or curated cotton. They provide choices that are up to 60-point in thickness for an outstanding first impression.

Pantone spot color inks get used to create the primary branding on the front of the card. Then you can add edge services to this option that include embossing, debossing, and foil stamping to coordinate with your painted edge. Those features do come at a cost, with the average order for 100 cards priced higher than what you’ll receive for 250 cards from the other online printers on this list.

13. UPrinting

This online printer offers 14 different colors for your painted edge, including gold, if you want a little extra sparkle with your cards. Each design gets printed on the standard 32-point uncoated cardstock. Each color except brown also comes with a metallicized choice to enhance your first impression. There is no extra charge to use the metallic coloration for your business cards with this provider.

You can choose to print the front and back with your design, which you can upload directly or create on the website. A free proof gets sent to you to approve the final product before printing. It takes about six business days for the provider to print and ship your product, and the pricing is competitive with the other providers on this list.

14. PsPrint

Although the service isn’t directly advertised, you can choose a colored edge with this online printer’s “ultra cards.” This option uses 120-pound textured ultra-white paper for the outside layers of the card, and then an inside core paper provides the color. You have five color options that will give you a product with a 45-point thickness.

Most online printers offer some kind of satisfaction guarantee with their product. When you work with this company, you’ll receive a low, guaranteed price. If you find something cheaper that is the exact same product within seven days of your order, then they will refund the difference.

Keep in mind that a painted edge card and a triple-layer product are not the same, so you cannot take advantage of this guarantee when comparing costs with most of the providers on this list.

Why Choose Painted Edge Business Cards?

Painted edge business cards are typically an extra-thick product that catches the eye better because of the hues that give the product an extra dose of color.

You can’t choose from a combination of colors for this product, but unique finishes like foil or metallic colors are available from some online printers.

Although creative companies, professionals, and freelancers enjoy using colored edge business cards as a way to stand out, any organization can take advantage of this design. It is an uncoated card that benefits from a simple design so that it can become an immediate conversation starter.

If you’re ready to get started with your next business card design, then now is the time to get to work. Choose from one of the best online printers from this list today to ensure that your order arrives on-time and as expected. First-time customers often receive a discount on shipping, product cost, or both, which means you can promote your services in an affordable, thought-provoking away.

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