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12 Tips to Promote Your Tattoo Shop Like There is No Tomorrow!

Any business owner needs to work hard to ensure the success of their business. This means that not only do they spend all their time trying to improve the operations and the functioning of the store, but they also have to constantly think of new ways to promote and market their products and services. 

The story is no different for a tattoo artist. As with any other business the tattoo artists have to work hard and come up with multiple ways to promotes and market their skills. Art is a competitive line of work, as art can mean different things to different people and is completely subjective. 

Tattoos have been used by ancient civilizations all across the world and traditionally the tattoos were used in different cultures as a way to prove that people have reached an age of maturity or documenting their excellence or achieving a great feat. 

The methods employed earlier used to be painful and slow, with high chances of infection. Thankfully, this is not a common problem nowadays and most tattoo artists offer hygienic conditions to perform in. 

Starting a Tattoo Shop

Starting a tattoo shop is not cheap, as it must maintain basic hygiene and cleanliness, to pass the regulations that are imposed on such studios. 

A tattoo artist uses his or her skills to create works of art on people, and while tattoos started getting really popular in the 1990s and started as a fun option for people who liked body art, it has evolved into a more crucial requirement for people with disabilities or medical issues. 

Ways to Promote Your Tattoo shop

It is agreed that the tattoo evolved as a form of art and is used by most as decorations and body art. However, there are various ways to help people in need with the help of art. 

We have listed below some of the top ways to market your art and tattoos, not only for the benefit of those who need it but also because the art is genuinely desired due to its attractive and exceptional quality. 

  1. Cancer is an epidemic and has taken many before their time. Surviving cancer is difficult and traumatizing in equal measures. Losing a breast to the disease is extremely difficult, and more so for survivors of a double mastectomy. Offering to cover the painful and visible reminders can make a big difference; offering them a new lease on life.
  2. There are, unfortunately, many who are affected by scars from accidents and wars. Children have a very hard time coping with large scars that can affect their daily lives. Opting to do free sessions to give a little back to the community is a great way to boost tattoo shop promotion.
  3. The tattoo shop promotion can also be made at unexpected places such as community affairs and festivals. 
  4. Marketing your tattoos and art is the most important aspect for the business to grow, after all, the shop should not be your best-kept secret. Printing enough business cards and flyers besides employing digital marketing efforts is a great way to get started. 
  5. Showing up local music shows and festivals can also impact the shop’s performance in a positive manner. Setting up small kiosks that showcase your work will draw people is advisable in these types of small events. 
  6. Although starting your own setup must have been an expensive feat, sponsoring local shows and fundraisers are a great way to attract attention to the shop.
  7. Being active on social media, having a website and focusing on the basics of digital marketing can reap rewards for the shop and the artist alike. Social media has revolutionized marketing and it difficult to fathom a business without a digital presence in recent times. 
  8. Local SEO is another very important investment one should think about while setting up the shop. As tattoo parlors are quite common, there are numerous stores to choose from. Local SEO can help ensure that your website and business ranks high amongst others from the same area or locality.  
  9. Offline marketing is just as important for the business and having an attractive logo and design for the shop will definitely go a long way. Tattoo artists have a lot of competition, as there are many excellent artists making it a very competitive business. Creating stickers or having decals are a great way to promote the awesome art that is being created inside the studio.
  10. This is not something g that has to be done on a large scale, however, having creative merchandise that can be branded and given away is a good way to draw customers. Making employees wear branded clothes for the shop during work hours is another great way to show the professionalism that may be encountered within the premises. 
  11. Offering hygienic and quality service is the key to getting return customers who are happy with your expertise and work. The tattoo is a work of art that is created on live and breathing canvas, and that means that having a gentle hand while working is imperative. Tattoos can be a painful process for certain areas of the body or having intricate designs that require heavy shadow work or coloring, is best described as mild to severely painful.
  12. The last and most important point is advertising hygienic conditions. Maintenance of the shop is imperative and too shop promotion should include all certifications required by law to run the business. 

The most important aspect to remember is that tattoos are works of art and all artists offer designs based on the concepts provided by the customer to commemorate an incident or have a work of art that means something to them. 

These are simple guidelines that have been outlined for aspiring tattoo artists to open their shops. As with any business the tattoo shop promotion has to be streamlined for effective marketing to reach the customers. As always, working alongside good and experienced marketing agencies can boost the overall performance of the shop.

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