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12 Reasons Why Good Design Is a Good Business

Description: Are you still considering whether or not to invest in business design? Check out this article to learn how your business can benefit from good design and how to unlock its full potential.


What are the indications of a good business? The answers vary from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. 

The truth is that good business is a cumulative notion. You have to work on every aspect of your company to become a leading company in the industry. 

Yet, internal matters aren’t any more important than external ones. In fact, to make a statement, a brand may have to work on the latter even more. By external matters, we mean business design. Here is why design important in business. 

  1. A Fundamental Truth: The First Impression Matters

They say people judge by appearances. Although these appearances may be deceptive, it’s better not to underestimate the power of the first impression. Just as in all aspects of life, it’s considered to be one of the biggest influences on people's’ perception. According to the studies, it takes around 50 milliseconds to assess whether you find something visually appealing. 

  1. Helps to Create a Professional Look

Everyone wants to deal with experts. The design also contributes directly to your business image. Brand consistency creates a feeling of stability. It is directly connected to reliability and trust. Professional designs can be chosen based on the scope of an enterprise. For example, a small business design is an affordable way to improve your brand image and look professional.

  1. Design Shapes Perception

The real power of design lies in the opportunity to brand your business. It’s much more than an appealing façade. In fact, it’s a means of visualizing who you are.

People will ultimately perceive a brand based on how they perceive its design. This is the reason why environmentally-friendly companies go for nature patterns and green colors: these designs are basically synonyms for sustainability.

  1. It Improves Trust, Especially in Web Design

A digital presence is inevitable in the 21st century. Today this is usually the first point of contact with customers. The power of design is even clearer here. 

Considering the amount of information on the world wide web, appealing patterns are what stand out. According to the study, users evaluate a business by design. Poorly designed websites are usually neglected – people don’t stay there for a long time and may even not read their content.

  1. The Package Designs Affects Product Perception


This is about the power of colors and patterns. It’s not a secret that different colors bring up different associations. This is just as true when it comes to packaging design. People usually connect the dots and assume that, for example, a candy with a red wrapping has a strawberry flavor, while green ones are apple-flavored. 

  1. It Sticks in Memory

The majority of people tend to rely on visual perception. However, to recognize a business logo design, a person has to see it several times – usually around 5 to 7 times. Nonetheless, a bright picture is likely to stay in one’s head for longer. This is exactly how to advertise your business with the help of banners. 

To ensure the ROI, it’s better to work hard on design ideas for signs. Another important aspect is the location. In this case, it has to be in a place where the majority of your target audience frequently goes.

  1. Design Helps Business to Stand Out 

What is the distinguishing feature of your brand? Well, there should be many of these. But unique design is what makes you stand out from your competitors. Products often resemble one another; services may be similar. 

The design helps you make a statement. It’s better not to copy any other companies. You risk misleading customers or suffering through association with their reputation (if these other companies experience hard times).

  1. The Reliable Communicator with the Target Audience

You’ve probably noticed that business design ideas of a single brand can differ. The reason is that a brand has to appeal to different target audiences. The most common example is personal hygiene products.

One brand often produces shampoos for men and women in different colors and patterns. This way, they attempt to reach their targeted customers. Men will hardly go for a pink package if there is a blue one nearby, right?

  1. Depicts and Transfers Your Values

We live in times when customers care about who you are and what you can do for the world. Brands are no longer just sellers or manufacturers. Design is a perfect way to show what your business stands for. Look at the marketing campaigns of famous brands. Their pictures always match their slogans. 

  1. Stimulates Sales

A beautiful design can deliver outstanding ROIs. Adobe has carried out the research and found a correlation between strong design and a stock market index. Companies with strong and consistent designs outperformed companies with weak designs by 219%. 

  1. Explanation Is Excessive 

A picture is worth a thousand words. You can explain what the features of your product are for hours and still fail to deliver the message. Show a couple of well-chosen pictures, and everything will become crystal clear. It’s easier to see rather than simply imagine.

  1. Aesthetical Candy for an Eye

Last but not least – aesthetics. Whether it’s a product package or business card design, it must be pleasing to the eyes. This makes your product and brand more attractive. People are used to indulging themselves in works of art to experience aesthetic pleasure. 

Even though we can’t claim that business design is more important than other aspects of branding, it is definitely worth investing in. 

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