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11 Great Designs for Business Card Layout Inspiration

With the oversaturation of ineffectively planned business cards, it is quite natural to get yours misplaced in the general chaos, particularly in the event that it neglects to establish an incredible first connection with the individual you have handed it out to.

On the off chance that it is an ideal opportunity to escape the monotony of your exhausting card format, we have decided to give you some advice with regards to business card design motivation.

For, after all, the littlest of decisions and choices can be a catalyst for the greatest of changes. At Print Peppermint, we try to help you make such decisions for your business cards.

Designs for Business Card Layout

When it comes to business card layouts, we come across pretty much the same stuff all the time. However, here at Print Peppermint, we motivate our clients to think outside of the box and get uniquely creative with bringing their business card needs out in the design world. Following is a list of 11 great designs for your business card that will definitely make it stand out from the rest of its kinds.

Horizontal Business Cards

It’s the most commonly used layout, perhaps. It sends a casual, professional message for large and small conglomerates.

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Vertical Business Cards

Vertical or portrait business cards are less commonly used than horizontal ones. Using such an underrated layout can benefit your card in ways you haven’t thought of before.

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Slim Business Cards

Such a type of layout still resembles, a lot, the traditional business card in a horizontal or a vertical layout. However, in the case of a slim business card, a thinner width can lend a more sophisticated look to your card.

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Square Business Cards

This is one of the most radical layout options for business cards today. People ask us whether square business cards are a good option to begin with. They absolutely are. The square layout, in its compactness, seems odd enough to the clients’ eyes to be remembered for quite some time.

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Geometric Business Cards

A business card can also be cut in the layout of some geometric shape, such as an octagon. It would certainly mark being memorable off the list. It would also highlight certain key texts on your card, based on where each piece of text is arranged depending on the shape and border of the geometric shape chosen for the layout.

Print Online Best Creative minimal and modern business card design featuring geometric shapes | free image by rawpixel.com / Tvzsu

Logo Business Card

Imagine a business card having a layout same as your brand logo itself. Now wouldn’t that be something? It would certainly highlight the character of your brand and how smartly you pull the strings to secure a memorable spot for it in the business market.

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Thick Business Cards

Just as ultra-thin business cards can do the trick, so can ultra-thick business cards. Though some wouldn’t be able to fit them inside slim corners within their wallets, thickly designed business cards still carry an elegant grace about themselves. A loud character, of sorts.

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Custom Cut Business Cards

If none of these layouts interest you, you could always get your business card layout designed in a shape of your own choice. It could be some object you cherish, for instance. It would be best, though, to choose the shape of an object your company is manufacturing/selling (if so).

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Using Unusual Materials

The layout isn’t just restricted to how your canvas looks, but what it is made of can affect the layout a lot, too. Using unusual materials, such as wood or glass, for designing your business card can lend it a great looking, unique layout.

Folded Business Cards

Cards that come folded inside another sheet of cardboard or paper can also leave a lasting impression on your clients. It would require a lot of work, though, and most businesses tend to keep it professionally minimal. However, that is not to say that business cards that look like miniature wedding invitations aren’t going to come to anybody’s liking at all.

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Design Business Cards as Unique as You Are

Still can’t decide? Don’t worry, because our team at Print Peppermint is here to get you started from scratch, too. Just order a sample pack today to see what we can really do for you.

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