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10 Ways to Make Your Squarespace Site More Dynamic

If you have started managing your website using Squarespace, certain tips are essential to improve the design of the site. Improved website design will surely boost brand engagement when done right. How can you make a Squarespace website more dynamic? Here are the best techniques you should know as a business owner or marketer:

Use animated slideshows

If you have a lot of images to include in your home page with limited space, you can use the animated slideshow effect. It cycles throughout various images like a slideshow at a certain portion of the site page that could have been used by one picture. The image gallery view offers an experience similar to a GIF. 

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Source: https://blog.bannersnack.com/photo-slideshow-examples/

You have full control over the time it takes between each image. Therefore, if an image has crucial information you can use a longer timeframe for the visitors to read the content properly without rushing. For the content, trust only the professional assignment help from a reputed name like EssayUniverse.

Include an announcement bar effectively

If you are running a special offer campaign like discounts or giveaways, using an announcement bar can suffice. It can grab the attention of the visitors and get maximum engagement. Also, it does not get in the way of the visitors by blocking their view or taking up a large number of their screens.

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Another benefit is that it can stay at the top of the screen until customers manually close the bar. You can use colors that invoke urgency, such as red, to get maximum engagement.

Start using Parallax

A Parallax is an element that makes images appear as if they are moving along with the direction you are swiping. The parallax background is very suitable on pages without too much content because they get all the attention they need. 

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Source: biteable.com

You can activate this feature by heading over to Site Styles and then enable the Parallax effect. It is one of the simplest methods to make the site more dynamic and interactive. 

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Consider video backgrounds

You can use muted videos as the background of a home page using Squarespace. The video has to be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo to be included in the website as a background visual. Some call this background the best because it adds more movement to the site and makes the website more fun.

To include the video head over to settings and select the section labeled Media or Banner. Afterward, choose video and then paste the copied YouTube or Vimeo link of the target media. From then on, the video will be on a loop on the home page as a background.

Full-page gallery background

An interactive page with images shifting periodically like slides can create a beautiful atmosphere for visitors. Using stunning modern and authentic images can do the trick, depending on the industry you are in.

Above the background, you can add a text box that is transparent or even with some opacity. You can add this by including a Gallery Page on an Index Page. Afterward, add the images to the gallery and write the message that will be on the text box.

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Use GIFs

GIFs are beautiful visuals that can contribute to an interactive website view that has enough movement to catch the eyes of the targeted audience. You can design the GIFs from scratch yourself or source them from stock photo galleries. Ensure that the visuals you use are relevant to the business and its chosen niche. 

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/219480181818950516/

Also, do not frantically use GIFs because they take up more space than regular images. Thus, they might slow the site down, so use them only when necessary or once in a while.

Animating content blocks

Opening a new page and seeing the content block gradually appear above the background image makes the website look much more sophisticated. Undoubtedly, animating content blocks can improve the user interface and bring a modern look and feel to it. 

That will make the site more dynamically appealing and exciting to use. You can use this feature on any section of the website, including the home page. Animating content blocks can also contribute to users spending a lot of time on the website, contributing to SEO efforts.

Button Hover Animations

Another effective way to make your site more dynamic is by adding a hover effect for the buttons you are using on the website. Having a button hover effect indicates the section of the website customers are in and can clearly identify if that is the action they want to take.

With button hover effects, the chances of customers clicking cancel instead of continuing are reduced. You can make the Squarespace website you are managing more dynamic by including this feature on all buttons.

Image Hover Effects

For an engaging experience to the user, you can use the Image Hover feature available on Squarespace. The functionality of this feature is that it makes the image appear grayscale but once you hover your cursor over it, the photo comes to life and gets color.

You can use some quick CSS code to get this done, depending on the appearance you are hoping for. Images using this type of effect can make the user experience more immersive and attractive.

Full-page pop-up

If you would like to boost your email marketing campaign by getting more addresses on the list, a full-page pop-up prompting visitors to enter their details can be successful. You have full control of the design and the message in the box, so use actionable CTAs and copy to get customers on board.

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Source: https://www.dashly.io/blog/pop-up-examples-for-your-inspiration/

Regardless of the template you select, you’re the one who selects the image that will appear. The feature can be enabled by going to the marketing section from the dashboard and, after that, selecting promotional pop-up.

Final thoughts

Making your Squarespace site more dynamic takes little gestures, including image hover effects, video backgrounds, or other elements. The more beautiful a site looks, it stands a chance to get a higher engagement rate from the traffic it gets.

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