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10 Best Courses and Colleges to Learn Graphic Design in the US

It is hard to imagine the modern world without graphic design. Every product, service, or event has its own identity, which helps consumers to select smartly what they need. Graphic design is an accessible lifestyle today for those who want to dedicate their lives to it. If you are living in the US or want to get a degree in graphic design in this country, follow our recommendations on the ten best courses and colleges in this list.


1. Domestika

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This platform has various courses for graphic designers of any level. The main benefits are about learning processes online, and you can get a certificate that proves your upgraded skills. At Domestika, you can find such essential courses for designers and editorials as logo design, brand design with grids, digital collage, furniture and object design, infographics, icons, applications, and packaging.

The average duration of classes in total is two hours, and one course contains from 10 to 20 lessons. The cost of every course is no more than $23, and with the PRO subscription, you can get an extra 20% discount for every course. All the knowledge that Domestika provides you can get for only a $34.90 annual payment. As a result, you will get a certificate for finishing your education.

2. Udemy

If you want to get deeper into graphic design, Udemy courses are exactly what you need. You can learn from the most high-rated course, Graphic Design Masterclass. You can apply for this course to get additional information for your main degree in graphic design or ask for graphic design homework help if some difficulties with your assignments will arise.

Udemy is a great tool to use over a long period of time. You can get a certificate of course completion and return later on, as you will have full lifetime access to all materials.

3. Coursera

This source provides reliable graphic design education for US students. Apply for the Graphic Design Specialization course and get crucial skills on logo design, print, editorial design, patterns and illustrations, package creation, branding, UX/UI, and distinguishing factors of social media and digital graphic design.

You can meet the five instructors that will guide you not only through theoretical materials but also with hands-on projects. This course is offered by the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). Every enrollee has six months to complete the course with three classes a week.

4. The Los Angeles Film School

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Manage your schedule by studying online with The Los Angeles Film School. This school also provides distance learning for those who need to get answers to additional questions. If you select this institution to apply for a bachelor of science in graphic design (online), you should have an associate’s degree from a recognizable accredited institution.

After passing this program, you will learn how to communicate visually through different types of design. The highest benefit is that everyone who starts their education here will get the Start Kit, which includes a professional camera, a MacBook laptop, and a traditional drawing kit for sketches and drafts.

5. International Career Institute

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The core principle of studying graphic design in the International Career Institute is everyday practice. Tuition fees are $39 per week, and the course duration is 31 weeks. Build your skills with professional support.

6. Gateway Technical College

With a degree from this college, you will become a specialist in graphic communication. You will learn not only the technical aspect of creating graphics but also the psychology of color and concepts, sociology, speech, digital photography, and multimedia survey.

The program duration is two years, and it costs $2,700 per semester. Enroll at any time and get a quick response from college specialists.

In-Class Education

7. UC San Diego Extension

This university works as a classic offline educational institute. Meanwhile, due to COVID-19 restrictions, all potential students can enroll online and have access to all training programs and meetings online. In any case, in the UC San Diego Extension, you can easily practice your new skills and contact your advisors to answer your questions.

Here you will learn how to create responsive web graphics, media presentations, and optimize resources for custom projects. The duration of this course is 12 months, and it costs $14,500.

8. Drury University

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If you are looking for a post-BA career in graphic design, welcome to Drury University in Springfield. Engage in qualified on-campus studying with a full-time schedule. Drury University launched a hybrid educational format due to quarantine restrictions.

Learn concepts of design, publication, printmaking, the history of photography, modern art, and web communication, and become an advanced specialist.

9. Michigan State University

This educational institution is a great opportunity for international students because of flexible entry conditions. For example, you have to follow only the minimum English requirements and pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Studying starts this year on September 2, 2020. Therefore, if you dream about being a professional graphic designer, start preparing all of your documents.

10. Sacred Heart University

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Pass a graphic design course at Sacred Heart University for $42,800 per year with a full-time study pace. The 120 credits will give you the motivation of creating great illustrations for different purposes: study fantasy art and graphic novels, master drawing techniques, web design, and motion graphics.

Students of Sacred Heart University are part of a creative community and even work together on developing educational video games. Here you have a chance to practice an essential field for a future career path.

Remember that if you are not only an experienced graphic designer but also a certified specialist, your chances of finding a prestigious job will significantly increase. As you can see, there is a wide range of long-term and short-term courses where you can check your skills and study in comfortable conditions.

Stay curious about what you are learning, because graphic design is a sphere of fast-changing standards. If you don’t know what you should choose, rely on our advice and select the most suitable by price, term, degree type, schedule, and teacher.

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