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jay kos fashion designer clothing Business Card Design Example

A Spot UV finish That Speaks Volumes

J. Kos is a company that prides itself for producing a flurry of attractive menswear for the world’s most stylish men.
According to Mr. Kos, the company doesn’t sell style but lets people find their own footing and expression. It introduces them to a diverse variety of merchandise, from leather jeans to finely tailored mink coats, all handmade and all exquisitely detailed.
The possibilities are endless once you enter a richly colored boutique of Jay Koss.
You can complement the burgundy leather jeans with a woven blazer or wear Lucchese leather jeans with cowboy boots. It’s all up to you to try out new combinations and see which brings out the “YOU” in you.
When Mr. Kos introduced a line of gauche and for some people, tasteless pink and flashy cauldrons people said that he’d gone mad.
They questioned his choice of color, “Who wears pink jeans?”
But Mr. Kos’s confidence in his own decision made his brand an icon. J. Crew followed in the company’s footsteps and is now selling pink pants in the thousands.
This shows that J. Kos is a groundbreaking and forward thinking company spearheaded by the precarious thinking of their visionary leader.
For a company that’s not shy to take some risks, this stamped business card design is a befitting ode.
First of all, let us just admire the 3-d magnificence of the card. The orientation of the two components of the card is just so exquisite. The Spot UV finish gives the card its raised texture as if the design is popping out of the white background.
For businesses that have leaders of such stature and significance, this business card design is an excellent choice.
I love the uniqueness of the color palette. The bold maroon with the faded grey is a rare coming together of colors. It seems so natural, so meant together. Also, the gold lettering looks really good with these colors.
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