FAQs - Letterpress Papers Sample Pack

What is the best paper for letterpress printing?

The best papers for letterpress printing are premium cotton papers, such as the Fedrigoni range, Gmund, Cordenons, Saunders Waterford, Crane & Co., Crane Lettra and Japanese Cotton. These papers are ideal for creating a luxurious and tactile printed product that will last for years to come. Our Letterpress Papers Sample Pack includes 15 of these luxurious cotton papers specifically made for letterpress printing.

How can I get letterpress print samples?

Order this sample pack first off! Then take advantage of our totally free creative consultation via phone or Google Meet to help you find the perfect paper for your project needs. In addition to our Letterpress Papers Sample Pack, we also offer a variety of different samples in different weights and colors that you can choose from depending on your project requirements; you can browse all of our samples here: Print & Paper Samples

Are there any examples of letterpress prints I can view?

Yes! You can check out our portfolio page here: [Link] which showcases some of the amazing projects we’ve completed using our luxury cotton papers and special print finishes. We have an extensive list of clients ranging from fashion labels to restaurants and hotels who have used our services with rave reviews!

What is Fedrigoni paper?

Fedrigoni is an Italian-based paper manufacturer known for their high-quality luxury papers made from 100% pure cotton fibers that are perfect for letterpress printing due to their thickness and softness along with their impressive longevity and fade resistance properties; they are one of the most popular choices amongst professional printers due to their excellent quality standards and highly competitive prices. Our Letterpress Papers Sample Pack includes 3 types of Fedrigoni paper in varying weights so you can get a feel for how it performs before investing in larger quantities.

What is Gmund paper?

Gmund is another German-based luxury paper manufacturer known for producing thick yet lightweight papers made from 100% pure cellulose fibers, making them perfect for creating unique prints with superior tactile qualities that last a lifetime; along with Fedrigoni, Gmund is another popular choice amongst professional printers due to its affordability and excellent printability properties - it's included in our Letterpress Papers Sample Pack which also features 5 other types of fine art quality paper so you can choose the best one according to your project requirements and budget constraints!

What is Cordenons Paper?

Cordenons Paper is an Italian-based premium paper manufacturer renowned worldwide for their superior quality yet affordable production methods; their products boast exceptional strength along with excellent image reproduction qualities thanks to its extra smooth texture, making it perfect for vintage style prints such as letterpress or lithograph projects - 4 types of Cordenons Paper are featured in our Letterpress Papers Sample Pack so you can test out each type before ordering larger quantities!

Is there anything special about Crane Lettra Paper?

Yes! This type of premium stationery crafted by hand exclusively by Crane & Co., Inc., features impeccable surface strength paired with impressively thick but soft fibres providing modern day printers not only outstanding results but also unique tactile qualities – this type of archival quality offers superior longevity even when exposed directly towards natural elements – three varieties make up 6 out 6 options featured inside Print Peppermint’s exclusive curated selection guaranteeing customers access into high grade quality without breaking bank accounts!

Where can I find examples of designs made with Letterpress Printing?

Well first of all, order this sample pack, because letterpress is really something you have to see and feel in person. Then, from there you can check out the numerous sources online that offer examples of designs made with letterpress printing techniques including Instagram accounts dedicated only to showcasing artwork printed with letter presses (@letterpresstoday), websites featuring articles about modern design trends utilizing letter press technology (CreativeBloq) and Pinterest boards filled with beautiful inspiration (LetterPress).

Does Print Peppermint offer services related to designing items made using LetterPress techniques?

Yes! At Print Peppermint we offer not only professional digitalizing services but also experienced consulting services related to creating projects using traditional printing techniques such us embossing & debossing foiling & gilding etc – all combined beautifully together along side our state-of-the-art letter presses! Contact us today and let us help make your ideas come alive!