FAQs - Circle Stickers

How can I order circle stickers from Print Peppermint?

You can order custom circle stickers from Print Peppermint online, by simply selecting the number of stickers you need, your desired shape and size, and any specialty print finishes you'd like to add. Once you've placed your order, our team will begin production on your custom circle stickers right away.

What kinds of materials can I choose for my circle stickers?

At Print Peppermint, we offer a wide variety of substrates for our custom circle stickers including paper, vinyl, and other special materials. Depending on what type of sticker you're looking for and what kind of finish you would like, we have a material that will fit your needs.

Do I have to stick with the standard round shape for my circle stickers?

No! We can create custom shapes for your circle stickers so that they are unique to you. Simply provide us with the specific dimensions of the shape you would like and we'll make sure it's cut exactly as requested.

Can I get colorful circle stickers?

Yes! We can print vibrant colors onto your circle sticker to make sure it stands out in whatever application it is used in. Just let us know what colors or design elements you would like included on the sticker and we'll make sure they turn out perfect.

Do you offer white circle stickers?

Absolutely! White circle stickers are great if you're looking for something clean and simple but still eye catching and high quality. Our white vinyl or paper substrates are perfect for making white circles look great!

Do you have clear circle stickers available?

Yes, we do! Our clear substrates are perfect for creating transparent or translucent circles that will help draw attention to whatever product or message they advertise.

Will my custom printed circles last long-term?

Absolutely! Our prints are designed to last long-term without fading or smudging in most cases with proper care and usage instructions followed. We also offer lamination finishes that will further increase the lifespan of your custom printed circles so they look their best over time.

Can I get small/miniature sized circles printed?

Yes, we can print smaller sizes down to 1 inch diameter. This is great if you need something more subtle or want to save space with multiple images per sheet instead of individual large ones.

Are there any restrictions on ordering customized printed circles in UK?

No - our printing services extend worldwide through our online store so customers in UK are able to access our full range of products as well as customization options at competitive prices no matter where they are located geographically speaking.

Are there any additional costs associated with custom printing services such as foil stamping or embossing for my circles labels?

Yes - depending on which type of customization options you choose when ordering your printed labels there may be additional costs such as foiling or embossing fees which will vary based on quantity ordered and complexity involved in producing them satisfactorily.