jess spataro design lettering Business Card Design Example

jess spataro design lettering Business Card Design Example

Minimalist and Elegant Mini Business Card

About the Client

Jess Spataro Design and Branding is a firm that creates fresh and fun designs—from lettering, logo, book cover, and so much more.
A highly talented and creative designer, Jess Spataro has always managed to find inspiration in what many would consider as everyday mundane objects and scenes. Every work she produces crafts a thoughtful story that is distinct in its combination of whimsy and simplicity.
She is currently the brand director at Studio Eagle, a design firm, and a teaching assistant at New York City’s School of Visual Arts.

A minimalist take on business card design

Jess Spataro’s business card is smaller than the traditional business card size, but it’s certainly not lacking in personality.
Featuring a standout logo centered on one side of the card, the designer’s initials are combined to form what looks like a modernist sculpture. Showcasing a custom logo makes the card eye-catching and memorable.
The custom typeface, printed using black ink, and set against a sleek neutral gray paper of high quality, adds sophistication in its overall design.
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