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16 pt Matte - Smooth Matte Aqeuous Coated

16 pt Gloss - High Gloss UV Coated

18 pt Silk - Matte Laminated 

20 pt Suede - Soft Touch / Velvet Laminated

22 pt Gloss - Gloss Laminated

32 pt Black Edge - 3-layer paper w/ Black Core

Front Only = Full Color Printing on Front (4/0)

Front & Back = Full Color Printing on Front and Back (4/4)

Turn-around does not include ship time. Typical ship time is (1-3) business days for our free UPS Ground service. Exact turn-around dates are not guaranteed.

Total :$ 35.00

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Important Info:

Information/design tips for creating a successful final product. Please read this information.

Production Methods:

Breakdown of how your design will be printed. All masks and print files will be displayed here.  

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Details of paper stock as card card-body as the production methods listed.

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We love and cherish our products and our customers! As a design minded boutique printer we take pride in our quality and craftsmanship. Choosing us will not only mean that you will get a high quality product, but also quick and helpful support from a team of print industry experts.


Only The Best!

Our products are carefully curated and tested so that we can ensure the highest quality of work. Printing on a state of the art 4 color offset presses at 500 lines/inch as card card-body as stocking only the choicest papers, foils, and inks it's safe to say, we don't make standard cards only exceptional ones.

Refreshingly Creative!

Our designers and research team are constantly innovating and remixing our products to provide you with unique specialty cards. By experimenting on new paper stocks and combining finishes in new ways or by pushing the boundaries of design, we are always working towards creating new products that will help you stand out from the crowd.


We Care!

We stand behind our products. By company policy every project that comes into our hands is proofed and approved by the customer before we print. In the unlikely event that there is a problem, the amazing Print Peppermint Customer Support Team will work with you to fix it.

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Product Review

19 Apr, 2017 18:04
Nice quality printing - Packaging was disappointin

I overall enjoy my order of mini business cards. The color is very accurate and the design staff was very responsive and helpful when I wanted to re-upload my design. There were some small dark ink blemishes on several of the cards- which is noticeable on pastel colored cards. I don't mind this too much. The disappointment was with the packaging in which it came in. This is my first time ordering from Print Peppermint so I don't know if this is normal. The cards were carelessly stacked bare and free inside a cardboard box that arrived slightly crushed- about 5 of the cards got dented. I wished the stack was wrapped in some kind of butcher or wax paper to prevent some of the cards from going loose and rubbing against the cardboard during shipment.

12 Sep, 2016 12:31
Pleased with the soft touch minis - delivery packa

I'm quite happy with the soft touch mini business cards. I used a pretty large area with one (light) color and only noticed banding on a few cards. Only 3 were unusable due to the banding being severe. However the packaging that they are delivered in is less than desirable. They are loose in the box, no wrapping. Scrap paper holds them in place so they don't shuffle around. This method works but left a few of my cards unusable because the outer cards got dirty and scuffed, plus the corners and edges were a bit crushed. To be honest I was really surprised with the sad packaging. I expected something similar to how the sample packs were sent (fun branding, carefully wrapped). Overall, for the price and using an online printer I am happy with my purchase and will likely order them again when I need more.

07 Jun, 2016 12:21
Great service, beautiful product

I ordered business cards from Print Peppermint, and their associates were extremely professional, helpful, attentive and prompt! I love my business cards, love that they offer recycled paper options, and will definitely use their services again!