Product Review

19 Jul, 2017 19:03

Great sample pack! Fun, high-quality cards! Thank you so much!

14 Jul, 2017 00:05
Worth it

It's totally worth it to get the sample pack. I didn't know what I wanted for business cards-thickness, finish, uv...but now that I have the samples I can see and feel the cards and make an informed decision. I can't wait to get my actual business cards!!

25 Jun, 2017 19:07
Great Sample Pack

The sample pack really helped us touch/feel each card to determine what was best for our business. Lots of different options to choose from. And best of all, we received the package very quick to help expedite the decision making process.

08 Jun, 2017 15:21
The Best Card Sample

That cards sample were really useful for our decision making process. Make a hole different experience on choosing the best option because we could see and feel how our business cards will look like. Thanks

09 May, 2017 10:38
Free Sample pack

The pack arrived quickly and has the perfect variety of cards